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Unveiling the Data Revolution – Exploring Big Data Startups Reshaping Dallas, Texas


Dallas, Texas is rapidly emerging as a hotbed for groundbreaking Big Data startups that are revolutionizing industries and transforming the way businesses harness data. These forward-thinking companies leverage advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to unlock valuable insights and drive decision-making. In this article, we delve into the thriving Big Data startup scene in Dallas, showcasing 15 remarkable companies that are shaping the future of data-driven innovation.

K2View – Personalized Data Experiences

K2View provides an operational Data Fabric dedicated to making every customer experience personalized and profitable. By integrating and harmonizing data from various sources, K2View empowers businesses to deliver tailored experiences, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Gradient Cyber – Visualizing Cybersecurity Health

Gradient Cyber is a cybersecurity products and services company that visualizes an organization’s cybersecurity health. By leveraging artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics, Gradient Cyber enables organizations to proactively monitor and mitigate cybersecurity threats, ensuring robust protection.

Gluent Inc. – Making Hybrid Cloud Work

Gluent Inc. makes the Hybrid Cloud work in the real world. Their solutions streamline data integration and enable seamless collaboration between on-premises and cloud environments, empowering businesses to leverage the full potential of hybrid infrastructures.

Animal ID – Connecting Pet Owners and Manufacturers

Animal ID is a B2B2C platform that connects pet owners and manufacturers of pet products. By utilizing Big Data and identity management technologies, Animal ID enhances the pet ownership experience, providing personalized recommendations and convenient services.

Tixsee – Integrated Fan Experiences for Sports

Tixsee is a mobile platform that provides integrated fan experiences for professional sports franchises and facilities. Their data-driven solutions enhance fan engagement, offering personalized services, virtual reality experiences, and streamlined ticketing.

NectarOM – Omnichannel Personalization Made Easy

NectarOM enables enterprises to build, operate, and scale their omnichannel personalization capability. By leveraging analytics and automation, NectarOM helps businesses deliver targeted and relevant marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

MOURI Tech – Technology Transformation Services

MOURI Tech is a leading provider of Information Technology and Technology Transformation services. Their expertise in Big Data, blockchain, and business intelligence drives digital transformation and enables businesses to unlock new opportunities.

KeepTrax, Inc. – Capturing Location Visit Data

KeepTrax, Inc. is a patented mobile location data platform that automatically captures and curates location visit data. By leveraging analytics and mobile technology, KeepTrax provides valuable insights for businesses in industries such as travel, CRM, and quantified self.

EquityMetrix – Revenue Recovery and Land Data Management

EquityMetrix is a leading expert in revenue recovery, land data management, and land data assurance. Their analytics and machine learning solutions help oil and gas companies optimize revenue streams and ensure accurate land data management.

Arygin – Redefining Media Streaming

Arygin Corporation is redefining the media streaming industry with their products and services. By leveraging Big Data analytics and predictive technologies, Arygin delivers personalized and immersive streaming experiences for users.

10K Wizard – Real-time Data Gathering

10K Wizard offers an integrated content enablement system for real-time data gathering. Their platform empowers businesses with timely and accurate information, enhancing decision-making processes in industries such as finance, news, and publishing.

One Network Enterprises – Supply Chain Control Towers

One Network Enterprises is a leader in supply chain control towers and provides the Digital Supply Chain Network™ for autonomous supply chain management. By leveraging Big Data and the Internet of Things, One Network Enterprises enables businesses to optimize their supply chain operations.

HealthMine, Inc. – Health Care Data Analytics and Improvement

HealthMine, Inc. offers a health care data analytics and improvement platform. By leveraging Big Data analytics, HealthMine empowers individuals to take control of their health and wellness while providing valuable insights to health care providers.

Orbii – Home Monitoring Made Easy

Orbii provides HD cameras and environmental monitoring sensors for easy home monitoring. By leveraging Big Data and location-based services, Orbii offers homeowners peace of mind by allowing remote monitoring via smartphones or tablets.

FourScore – Empowering Voters and Candidates

FourScore empowers communities by helping voters pick their candidates and enabling candidates to connect with their voters. Through the use of Big Data analytics, CRM, and digital marketing technologies, FourScore enhances political engagement and facilitates meaningful connections.


The Big Data startup ecosystem in Dallas, Texas, is a vibrant and thriving community of innovators who are pushing the boundaries of data-driven technologies. These 15 companies showcased here are just a glimpse of the exciting developments happening in the region. From personalized experiences to cybersecurity, supply chain management, and beyond, these startups are driving the data revolution, transforming industries, and shaping a smarter future for Dallas and beyond.

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