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Unveiling the Big Data Powerhouses in Santa Clara – Startups Revolutionizing Analytics


Welcome to TechBubble.news, where we dive deep into the world of innovative startups. In this edition, we take you to Santa Clara, California, the vibrant hub of technological advancement. Today, we shine a spotlight on 15 exciting Big Data startups that are transforming the analytics landscape. From data lakes to predictive analytics, these companies are revolutionizing how businesses harness the power of information. Join us as we explore the ingenuity and impact of these Santa Clara startups.


Dremio is at the forefront of self-service analytics, offering an easy and open data lakehouse. Their platform provides data warehouse functionality and data lake flexibility across all types of data. With a focus on analytics, big data, business intelligence, machine learning, and software, Dremio empowers businesses to extract insights effortlessly.


DoiT tackles essential and complex cloud challenges with their expertise and cutting-edge technology. They specialize in analytics, big data, cloud computing, information technology, IoT, and robotics. By addressing critical cloud-related obstacles, DoiT enables businesses to optimize their operations and drive growth.


Qubole offers a simple and secure data lake platform designed for machine learning, streaming, and ad-hoc analytics. Their comprehensive solution caters to enterprises seeking analytics, big data, cloud data services, enterprise software, and machine learning capabilities. Qubole empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights from their data while ensuring data security and compliance.

MapR Technologies

MapR Technologies is a pioneer in providing next-generation data platforms for AI and analytics. They offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that enable businesses to harness the power of big data and leverage it for AI-driven insights. MapR Technologies’ expertise spans analytics, big data, cloud computing, enterprise software, open source, and software.


MoBagel focuses on no-code AI, enabling teams to build AI solutions collaboratively. With their emphasis on artificial intelligence, big data, business intelligence, cloud data services, digital marketing, education, enterprise, machine learning, predictive analytics, and software, MoBagel empowers businesses to leverage AI without requiring extensive coding knowledge.

Pluribus Networks

Pluribus Networks is a leader in open networking and software-defined networking (SDN). They offer innovative solutions for big data, cloud computing, network hardware, software, and web hosting. By leveraging open networking technologies, Pluribus Networks helps businesses optimize their network infrastructure and improve performance.


Hortonworks focuses on the development and support of Apache Hadoop, a leading big data technology. Their expertise lies in analytics, big data, enterprise software, and software. By providing robust support and advancements in Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks enables businesses to harness the power of big data for valuable insights.

BlueData Software

BlueData Software accelerates AI/ML and big data deployments, enabling businesses to achieve faster time-to-value. Their software expedites the deployment process, streamlining analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, SaaS, and software. By reducing the complexity and time required for implementation, BlueData Software empowers businesses to unlock the potential of their data quickly.


Couchbase offers a cloud database for business-critical applications. With their expertise in big data, cloud data services, database, and enterprise software, Couchbase provides a reliable and scalable solution for managing and analyzing data. Their NoSQL database technology ensures optimal performance and scalability for diverse business needs.


Pepperdata specializes in providing observability and continuous tuning for big data analytics stacks. Their expertise spans application performance management, big data , computer, enterprise software, information technology, open source, and software. By optimizing performance and ensuring efficient resource allocation, Pepperdata helps businesses achieve better outcomes from their big data analytics.


Yva.ai is a predictive people analytics platform that leverages AI, big data, and predictive analytics for human resources. Their solution assists businesses in making data-driven decisions regarding workforce optimization, talent management, and employee engagement. With Yva.ai’s expertise in analytics, artificial intelligence, big data, HR, predictive analytics, and SaaS, businesses can unlock the full potential of their human capital.


Cyphort offers a comprehensive threat protection platform that detects and fights targeted and advanced threats, corporate espionage, and IP theft. Their solution combines big data, cloud computing, enterprise software, machine learning, network security, and security. By leveraging the power of big data and machine learning, Cyphort empowers businesses to defend against evolving cybersecurity threats effectively.


Seeloz harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create supply chain value. Their expertise lies in AI, big data, business intelligence, enterprise software, machine learning, software, and supply chain management. By applying AI and machine learning algorithms to supply chain processes, Seeloz enables businesses to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver superior customer experiences.


Elastifile enables frictionless cloud consumption by providing scalable file storage in major cloud platforms. Their solutions cater to the needs of analytics, big data, computer, and data center environments. With Elastifile’s enterprise-grade file storage, businesses can seamlessly manage and analyze their data in Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure.


CloudPhysics specializes in predictive analytics for proactive virtual data center management. Their solutions encompass analytics, big data, cloud infrastructure, private cloud, and SaaS. By leveraging predictive analytics, CloudPhysics helps businesses optimize their virtual data centers, streamline resource allocation, and enhance performance.


In the heart of Santa Clara, these 15 Big Data startups are transforming the world of analytics. From enabling self-service analytics to revolutionizing cloud computing and AI, these companies are driving innovation and reshaping how businesses leverage data. With their expertise spanning a wide range of industries, they empower enterprises to unlock valuable insights, optimize operations, and drive growth. Keep a close eye on these Santa Clara startups as they continue to redefine the future of analytics and Big Data.

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