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Unveiling Bangalore’s Leading Augmented Reality Companies Redefining Industries


Welcome to Bangalore, Karnataka, India’s vibrant tech hub where innovation and technology converge. In this article, we dive into the exciting world of augmented reality (AR) startups in Bangalore. These 15 companies are at the forefront of AR technology, revolutionizing various industries with their cutting-edge solutions. From interactive shopping experiences and education tools to social metaverses and product visualization, these startups are reshaping the way we perceive and interact with the world. Join us on this journey as we explore the fascinating AR landscape in Bangalore.

Avataar – Shaping the Future of Visual Discovery

Avataar is revolutionizing online shopping by creating interactive experiences and reimagining the visual discovery journey. With their expertise in 3D technology, artificial intelligence, and AR, Avataar shapes consumers’ buying behavior, offering immersive and engaging e-commerce experiences.

Flam – Building a Social Metaverse

Flam is a social metaverse company that bridges the gap between augmented reality and social networking. Their platform enables users to connect and interact within a shared augmented space, fostering creativity, socialization, and exploration.

Dybo – Transforming Product Visualization

Dybo specializes in product visualization technology, leveraging augmented reality to enhance the customer experience. Their solutions enable customers to visualize furniture and home decor products in their own spaces, empowering them to make informed purchase decisions.

PlayShifu – Augmented Learning for Kids

PlayShifu is an EdTech startup that offers augmented reality-based teaching and learning tools for children aged 4 to 12. Their interactive and educational experiences leverage AR technology to make learning engaging and enjoyable for young minds.

Scapic – Empowering AR and VR Experiences

Scapic is a pioneering virtual and augmented reality startup. Their platform empowers businesses to create immersive AR and VR experiences without extensive technical expertise. By combining cloud computing and innovative software, Scapic simplifies the development and deployment of AR and VR applications.

Whodat – Creating Inclusive Markerless AR Experiences

Whodat offers an augmented reality platform that allows developers to create beautiful, inclusive AR experiences without the need for markers. By leveraging sophisticated markerless technology, Whodat opens up new possibilities for creating diverse and accessible AR applications.

Juego Studios – Powering Immersive Game Development

Juego Studios offers end-to-end game development services, specializing in AR, blockchain games, VR, and more. With their expertise in augmented reality, Juego Studios creates immersive and captivating gaming experiences that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment.

Cope.Studio – Innovating for the Metaverse

Cope.Studio is a deep-tech studio focused on building products and startups for the metaverse. With their expertise in 3D technology, augmented reality, blockchain, and software development, Cope.Studio is driving innovation in creating immersive digital experiences.

InfiVR – Virtual and Augmented Reality Solutions

InfiVR provides virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions. Their expertise lies in developing immersive training experiences, architectural visualizations, and interactive simulations that enhance learning, design, and real-world applications.

THIS IS! Digital Media Group – Tackling Digital Challenges

THIS IS! Digital Media Group offers comprehensive solutions for digital challenges. With a broad technology stack that includes augmented reality, virtual reality, and consulting services, they assist businesses in leveraging digital technologies to drive growth and success.

Shining Cloud – Enabling AR and VR Technologies

Shining Cloud provides augmented and virtual reality technologies, animation, and post-production services for various industries. Their expertise in AR and VR enhances marketing campaigns, training simulations, and interactive experiences , transforming the way businesses engage with their audience.

PupilMesh – Advancing AR, Computer Vision, and IoT

PupilMesh specializes in augmented reality, computer vision, and IoT technologies. Their solutions enable businesses to create immersive AR experiences, develop computer vision applications, and harness the power of IoT to connect physical and digital worlds.

AliveNow – Bridging Marketing and Technology

AliveNow is a digital creative tech studio that builds innovative experiences at the intersection of marketing and technology. With their expertise in augmented reality, digital marketing, and digital entertainment, AliveNow helps brands create engaging and interactive campaigns that captivate audiences.

Progton Technologies – Augmenting Digital Solutions

Progton Technologies is an IT company offering web and mobile development, digital marketing, and staff augmentation services. Their proficiency in augmented reality, digital marketing, and web development enables businesses to augment their digital presence and deliver impactful solutions.

Mapsystems – Elevating Design and Virtual Reality Services

Mapsystems provides quality services in eBook conversion, graphic design, photo editing, prepress, virtual reality, and 3D services. Their expertise in augmented reality, animation, and virtual reality enhances visual experiences across industries, pushing the boundaries of design and immersion.


These 15 augmented reality startups in Bangalore are driving innovation, pushing boundaries, and transforming industries with their groundbreaking solutions. From revolutionizing online shopping and gaming experiences to enhancing education and marketing campaigns, these companies are at the forefront of the AR revolution. Bangalore continues to thrive as a hub for technological advancements, and these AR startups exemplify the city’s spirit of innovation. As we witness the transformative power of augmented reality, the future looks bright for Bangalore and the evolving AR landscape.

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