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Unveiling Bangalore’s Cutting-Edge 3D Technology Companies Driving Digital Transformation


Welcome to Bangalore, Karnataka, India’s bustling tech hub, where groundbreaking innovations shape the future of technology. In this article, we take a deep dive into the exciting world of 3D technology startups in Bangalore. These 15 companies are at the forefront of the 3D technology revolution, driving digital transformation across industries with their groundbreaking solutions. From interactive shopping experiences and interior design tools to augmented reality marketplaces and construction management, these startups are reshaping the way we perceive and interact with the world. Join us as we explore the thriving 3D technology landscape in Bangalore and witness the technological marvels these startups have to offer.

Avataar – Shaping the Future of Visual Discovery

Avataar is revolutionizing consumers’ online buying and browsing behavior by creating interactive shopping experiences and reimagining the visual discovery journey. Combining 3D technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, Avataar offers immersive and engaging e-commerce experiences.

Preimage – Accelerating 3D Digital Cloning

Preimage helps accelerate the process of creating 3D digital clones from images. Leveraging computer vision and software expertise, Preimage empowers businesses in industries such as video games, virtual reality, and software development.

Str8bat Sport Tech Solutions – Empowering Athletes Through Wearable Tech

Str8bat Sport Tech Solutions is a sports wearable company dedicated to helping players improve their skills and performance. By combining 3D technology, cloud data services, and IoT, Str8bat enhances athletes’ everyday training and gameplay.

Cloudworx – Building Enterprise Metaverse Applications

Cloudworx is a nocode platform that enables the development of enterprise metaverse applications. Leveraging 3D technology, IoT, and SaaS, Cloudworx empowers businesses to create immersive virtual experiences without extensive coding knowledge.

Furdo – Transforming Interior Design with 3D Tools

Furdo revolutionizes interior design by providing 3D tools and themes that make the design process quick, easy, and free. With their expertise in e-commerce platforms and interior design, Furdo simplifies the interior design experience for businesses and individuals.

Cope.Studio – Pioneering the Metaverse with Deep-Tech Innovations

Cope.Studio is a deep-tech studio focused on building products and startups for the metaverse. Their expertise in 3D technology, augmented reality, and blockchain drives innovation in creating immersive digital experiences.

Mapsystems – Providing Quality 3D and VR Services

Mapsystems offers a wide range of quality services, including eBook conversion, graphic design, photo editing, virtual reality, and 3D services. With their proficiency in 3D technology, animation, and augmented reality, Mapsystems enhances visual experiences across various industries.

3DSoC – Interactive 3D Platform for Mobile

3DSoC is a startup engaged in building an interactive 3D platform for mobile. Their focus on education and mobile technology drives their mission to provide engaging and immersive experiences for users.

Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies – Leading Provider of 3D CAD Software Solutions

Best Engineering Aids & Consultancies is the industry’s leading provider of 3D CAD software solutions. With their expertise in CAD and software development, they empower businesses to streamline their design processes.

3D Product Development – Pioneer in Rapid Prototyping

3D Product Development is a pioneer in the field of rapid prototyping in India, using cutting-edge technologies. Their expertise in 3D printing and industrial engineering supports businesses in bringing their ideas to life.

Conmest – Comprehensive Construction

Management Solutions Conmest is a design-focused comprehensive construction management company that helps clients gain complete control of their projects. With their expertise in 3D technology, building maintenance, and interior design, Conmest ensures efficient and seamless project execution.

OpEzee – Innovative 3D Visualization Solutions

OpEzee is a software company that develops 3D holographs, visualization renders, holo tours, and 3D scanning software solutions. Their expertise in augmented reality, data visualization, and virtual reality enhances businesses’ visual communication.

House of Blue Beans – Enabling Immersive 3D Experiences

House of Blue Beans facilitates 3D modeling, 360 shoppable rooms, product visualization, functionality video services, and VR experiences. With their proficiency in information technology and virtual reality, House of Blue Beans enhances digital experiences.

LenzGig – Augmented Reality Marketplace

LenzGig is an augmented reality marketplace that connects businesses and consumers through immersive AR experiences. With their focus on augmented reality, LenzGig opens up new possibilities for interactive and engaging digital interactions.

HyCube Works – Redefining Design Manufacturing Innovations with 3D Printing

HyCube Works aims to bring innovation to industries through the vast use of 3D printing technology. By redefining design manufacturing processes, HyCube Works empowers businesses to unlock new opportunities and enhance their products.


These 15 3D technology startups in Bangalore represent the pinnacle of innovation in Karnataka, India’s thriving tech hub. From transforming e-commerce and interior design to revolutionizing sports tech and construction management, these companies are driving digital transformation and shaping the future of technology. With their expertise in 3D technology, augmented reality, and software development, they continue to push boundaries and create immersive experiences. As Bangalore’s tech landscape evolves, these startups remain at the forefront, igniting innovation and paving the way for a future powered by 3D technology.

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