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Unleashing the Power of Big Data – Exploring Boulder’s Innovative Startups

Unlocking Insights, Transforming Industries, and Empowering Growth

Boulder, Colorado, United States – Welcome to Tech Bubble News’ showcase of the most intriguing and innovative Big Data startups in Boulder. These companies are revolutionizing industries by harnessing the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and predictive modeling. Join us as we dive into the world of data-driven innovation and explore how these startups are reshaping the future.

Unsupervised – Revealing Hidden Insights

Unsupervised, a leading automated analytics platform provider, is at the forefront of extracting valuable insights from complex data. Their sophisticated algorithms and AI-driven approach enable businesses to uncover patterns, correlations, and trends that were previously hidden. With their platform, organizations can make data-informed decisions and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Avanoo – Cultivating Positive Culture Changes

Avanoo is a game-changer in the realm of positive culture transformation. By leveraging Big Data and e-learning methodologies, Avanoo empowers leaders to sustain, scale, and drive ROI through cultural changes within their enterprises. Their platform facilitates personalized learning experiences that engage employees and foster a positive work environment.

Divirod – Pioneering the Digital Water Marketplace

Divirod has created a digital water platform that tackles operational risks and serves as the future marketplace for water-related solutions. By leveraging Big Data, environmental engineering, and predictive analytics, Divirod provides insights and tools to optimize water management, reduce waste, and address critical water-related challenges.

SlamData – Streamlining Data Integration and Preparation

SlamData offers a comprehensive software solution for data integration and preparation. Their platform enables users to seamlessly access and analyze data stored in various sources, including S3, Azure, and Google. With SlamData, businesses can unlock the full potential of their data, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful insights.

MedAware Systems – Unleashing the Power of Medical Research Data

MedAware Systems is revolutionizing the medical field by delivering comprehensive analysis of available data on any medical topic. Leveraging artificial intelligence and Big Data, MedAware Systems empowers healthcare professionals with accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing patient care, and supporting evidence-based decision-making.

Education Bot – Empowering Custom Technologies

Education Bot is an artificial intelligence company that builds custom technologies to empower businesses. By combining the power of AI, Big Data, and IoT, Education Bot helps companies harness the full potential of emerging technologies to drive innovation, enhance education, and improve efficiency.

Conspire – Unlocking the Power of Email Analytics

Conspire provides detailed analytics on email contacts, enabling users to tap into their extended network and reach any company or person. By leveraging Big Data, Conspire offers insights into professional networking, helping individuals and businesses forge valuable connections and expand their reach.

GridCraft – Empowering Business Users with Data Analysis

GridCraft empowers business users with powerful data analysis, sharing, and collaboration tools. Their familiar spreadsheet-like interface makes it easy for users to dive into data, uncover insights, and make informed decisions. With GridCraft, organizations can leverage the power of Big Data and business intelligence to drive growth and innovation.

Growjo – Discovering the Fastest Growing Companies

Growjo is a free list and database that showcases the fastest-growing companies. Leveraging Big Data and software solutions, Growjo enables users to identify promising enterprises across various industries. Their platform serves as a valuable resource for investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals seeking insights into the most dynamic and innovative organizations.

Treatment X – Analyzing Cannabis Research and Funding Solutions

Treatment X specializes in data analytics and research within the cannabis industry. By leveraging their expertise in analytics and Big Data , Treatment X provides valuable insights that drive innovation, inform decision-making, and support the growth of this rapidly evolving industry.

Grownetics – Empowering Advanced Indoor Farming

Grownetics develops open software and hardware tools that power advanced and efficient indoor farms and greenhouses. By combining agriculture, Big Data, and IoT, Grownetics helps farmers optimize crop production, reduce resource consumption, and drive sustainable farming practices.

Pellucid Analytics – Transforming Pitchbook Creation

Pellucid is a content platform and service that revolutionizes pitchbook creation. By harnessing analytics, data visualization, and finance expertise, Pellucid empowers financial professionals to create compelling pitchbooks that effectively communicate complex information and captivate investors.

Find My Audience – Unleashing Data-driven Content Discovery

Find My Audience provides data-driven audience discovery and social engagement dashboards for content creators. By analyzing Big Data and leveraging advanced analytics, Find My Audience helps creators identify their target audience, optimize content distribution, and foster engagement with their viewers.

Fathym – Rapid Data Application and IoT Solutions

Fathym empowers developers to rapidly create data applications and IoT solutions through collaborative development. By providing powerful analytics, data visualization, and IoT capabilities, Fathym accelerates the development process and enables businesses to harness the potential of data and connected devices.

OneRiot – Analyzing Mobile Social Media Activity

OneRiot is a network of mobile apps that analyzes mobile social media activity to determine audience characteristics. By leveraging Big Data and real-time analytics, OneRiot provides valuable insights to advertisers and marketers, enabling them to engage with their target audience effectively.


Boulder, Colorado, is a hotbed of innovation in the field of Big Data. These 15 startups are trailblazing the path to data-driven success, transforming industries, and unlocking the true potential of data. From analytics and artificial intelligence to predictive modeling and IoT solutions, these companies are revolutionizing how businesses operate and make informed decisions. Keep a close eye on these Boulder-based startups as they continue to shape the future of data-driven innovation.

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