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Unleashing the 3D Revolution – Exploring Palo Alto’s Innovative Startups


Palo Alto, nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, is renowned for its vibrant tech scene and groundbreaking innovations. In this article, we shine a spotlight on the exciting realm of 3D technology in Palo Alto, showcasing 15 remarkable startups that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. From augmented reality and computer vision to robotics and virtual reality, these visionary companies are revolutionizing industries and transforming the way we perceive and interact with the world. Join us as we explore the captivating world of 3D technology and the extraordinary startups driving the next wave of technological advancements in Palo Alto, California.

Mashgin – Redefining Checkout Systems with AI and Computer Vision

Mashgin is a software company that has revolutionized checkout systems using the power of AI and computer vision. By streamlining and automating the checkout process, Mashgin enhances efficiency and customer experience in retail settings.

Luma AI – Capturing and Experiencing the World in 3D

Luma AI aims to enable everyone to capture and experience the world in 3D. With their expertise in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and computer vision, Luma AI creates immersive and interactive experiences that redefine how we perceive our surroundings.

Augmented Pixels – Precision 3D Geolocation and Crowdsourced Mapping

Augmented Pixels is a leader in precise 3D geolocation and crowdsourced mapping technologies. Their innovative solutions enable accurate positioning and mapping in augmented reality, drones, and robotics applications.

Aquifi – Automation of Logistics, Manufacturing, and e-Commerce

Aquifi focuses on the automation of logistics, manufacturing, and e-commerce processes. Leveraging 3D technology, artificial intelligence, and computer vision, Aquifi enhances efficiency and productivity in various industries.

Eonite Perception – Enabling Machines to Understand the Real World

Eonite Perception is on a mission to enable machines to understand the real world through advanced 3D mapping and tracking technologies. Their solutions have applications in augmented reality, virtual reality, and robotics.

Red Leader – HD Software-Defined Lidar Systems for 3D Mapping

Red Leader is a hardware and software company that develops high-definition, software-defined lidar systems for 3D mapping. Their cutting-edge solutions enable accurate and detailed mapping for a variety of industries.

Qbit Technologies – Creating Virtual Spaces for Meetings, Learning, and Shopping

Qbit Technologies aims to create sustainable and resilient virtual spaces for meetings, learning, and shopping. With their expertise in augmented reality, virtual reality, and virtualization, Qbit Technologies reimagines how we interact in the digital realm.

Freestyle Software – Non-Photorealistic Line Drawing Rendering

Freestyle Software specializes in non-photorealistic line drawing rendering from 3D scenes. Their software enables artists and designers to create visually captivating and stylized representations of 3D objects.

Qwaq – Real-Time Collaboration and Conferencing in 3D Virtual Workspaces

Qwaq develops enterprise apps that provide real-time collaboration and conferencing activities in 3D virtual workspace environments. Their solutions enhance remote collaboration and communication among teams.

Fovia – Cloud-Based Imaging SDK for 2D and 3D Products

Fovia offers a cloud-based imaging software development kit (SDK) for 2D and 3D products. Their SDK enables developers to create advanced imaging solutions in the cloud, driving innovation in medical imaging, gaming, and more.

Ondaka – Making Industrial Knowledge Accessible for Critical Infrastructure

Ondaka focuses on making industrial knowledge accessible for critical infrastructure and heavy industry. Through their 3D technology, data visualization, and machine learning expertise, Ondaka empowers organizations with actionable insights.

Industrial Perception Inc. – Pioneers in Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Industrial Perception Inc. houses some of the world’s foremost authorities and pioneers in machine vision and artificial intelligence. Their expertise in 3D technology and industrial automation drives innovation in manufacturing and robotics.

Raycer Graphics – High-Performance 3D Graphics for Windows Market

Raycer Graphics develops high-performance 3D graphics solutions for the Windows market. Their cutting-edge technologies power immersive experiences in gaming, manufacturing, and information technology.

iReviews – Unveiling Breakthrough Technologies

iReviews is a platform that provides reviews of breakthrough technologies, including 3D printing, cloud data services, drones, and robotics. Stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and technological advancements through their insightful content.

Sanlab – Procedural Rendering Pipeline for Machine Learning Models

Sanlab specializes in developing a procedural rendering pipeline that creates multi-layer 3D motion images required to train machine learning models. Their expertise in 3D technology and machine learning drives advancements in artificial intelligence.


Palo Alto, California, is a hotbed of 3D technology innovation, where startups are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to transform industries and reshape our reality. From AI-powered checkout systems to immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences, these 15 startups in Palo Alto are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Through their expertise in computer vision, artificial intelligence, robotics, and more, these visionary companies are revolutionizing industries and creating a future where 3D technology plays a central role. Palo Alto continues to be at the forefront of the tech bubble, propelling the world into a new era of innovation and possibilities.

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