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Sugar – Building Communities with Smart Living

Sugar is a Los Angeles-based startup that is changing the way people live in modern buildings. With a focus on integrating technology into residential communities, Sugar is revolutionizing the way people interact with their living spaces. Formerly known as Jetpack, Sugar has partnered with real estate investment groups and property management companies to create a product that is both relevant and effective. By leveraging design thinking and technology, Sugar is transforming the residential experience.

The Future of Smart Living is Here

Sugar’s product is designed to simplify daily tasks and foster community engagement. The company has built an app that allows residents to access both private and communal doors using a smart intercom device. Unlike other smart locks, Sugar’s solution does not require any lock replacements. The app also allows residents to pay rent, submit maintenance requests, and communicate with property management teams all in one place.

Subhe Innovative Technology

At the heart of Sugar’s solution is innovative technology that is designed to make life easier for residents. The app is built on a robust technology stack that includes cloud-based servers, a native mobile app, and a smart intercom device. By integrating these technologies, Sugar is able to offer a seamless experience that allows residents to focus on living their lives instead of managing their living spaces.

Enhanced Community Engagement

Sugar is not just about technology, it is also about fostering community engagement. The app includes a range of features that are designed to connect residents with each other and with the broader community. For example, residents can use the app to book community spaces, find local events, and connect with neighbors. By creating a sense of community, Sugar is helping to build a better living experience for residents.

Real Estate Partnerships

Sugar’s success is built on strong partnerships with real estate investment groups and property management companies. By working closely with these partners, Sugar is able to create a product that is tailored to the needs of modern buildings. The company’s focus on collaboration has allowed it to build a solution that is relevant, effective, and in demand.


Sugar is a startup that is transforming the residential experience by integrating technology into modern buildings. The company’s focus on design thinking and innovation has allowed it to build a product that is both relevant and effective. By fostering community engagement and simplifying daily tasks, Sugar is changing the way people live. With strong partnerships and a focus on the future, Sugar is poised to revolutionize the way people think about smart living.

Website: http://www.sugarliving.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sugarliving

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sugarliving

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sugarliving

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