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Revolutionizing Urban Transportation: Exploring London’s Electric Vehicle Startups

Unveiling the Innovative EV Companies Driving Change in London


London, the bustling capital of England, has become a hotbed of innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. With a strong focus on sustainability and smart urban mobility, these startups are paving the way for a greener future. In this article, we will dive into the exciting world of London’s EV startups and explore the groundbreaking solutions they are bringing to the table


Immense is a global decision-support platform for new mobility. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Immense offers intelligent systems and simulation tools for the electric and autonomous vehicle industry. Founders Carl Goves, Dídac Busquets i Font, and Eifion Jenkins are revolutionizing fleet management and transportation.

One Moto

One Moto is an impact-driven electric vehicle ecosystem focusing on commercial delivery and everyday commuters. By providing innovative solutions for logistics and electric delivery services, founders Adam Ridgway and Stephen Wood are transforming the way goods are transported in urban areas.


Wayve utilizes end-to-end deep learning to develop advanced artificial intelligence for complex driving scenarios. Their focus on AI and machine learning technologies for autonomous vehicles has the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry. Founders Alex Kendall and Amar Shah are driving innovation in autonomous electric vehicles.


Arrival is a leading developer and manufacturer of zero-emission public transportation vehicles. Their expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing is contributing to the transition to sustainable urban mobility. Denis Sverdlov and his team are spearheading the movement towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.


JustPark is a parking app that reinvents the parking experience in the digital era. By leveraging technology and offering a user-friendly interface, founder Anthony Eskinazi and his team are simplifying parking for electric vehicle owners in London.

Connected Kerb

Connected Kerb provides electric vehicle charging solutions for both commercial and residential areas. With their sustainable and user-friendly charging infrastructure, founders Ayres Paul, Richard Clements, and Stephen Richardson are driving the adoption of electric vehicles by ensuring convenient and accessible charging points.

Pod Point

Pod Point is dedicated to building the necessary electric vehicle charging infrastructure for mass adoption in the UK and Europe. Erik Fairbairn and his team have been instrumental in creating a network of charging stations, facilitating the widespread use of electric vehicles.


Bonnet offers a user-friendly application for electric vehicle charging. Their software solutions simplify the charging process, making it convenient for electric vehicle owners. Co-founders Eliot Makabu and Patrick Reich are making charging accessible for all.


Hypervolt is an energy company that specializes in manufacturing and developing EV smart chargers for electronic devices. With their focus on electrical distribution and energy management, founders Benjamin Edwards and Flavian Alexandru are driving the adoption of sustainable charging solutions.


HumanForest is a dockless , shared, and ad-supported e-bike service company. By offering sustainable and convenient transportation options, founders Agustin Guilisasti, Caroline Seton, and Michael John Stewart Ackermann are promoting eco-friendly mobility solutions in urban environments.


Motorway is an online used-car marketplace that connects sellers with a network of verified car dealers. Their platform, founded by Alex Buttle, Harry Jones, and Tom Leathes, focuses on facilitating the sale and purchase of electric vehicles, contributing to the growth of the EV market.


Zest Eco is an EV charging company dedicated to building a sustainable charging infrastructure. Although the founders’ information is not available, Zest plays a crucial role in supporting the adoption of electric vehicles in London.


TAUR is an electric scooter designed for life in the city. Winners of the 2021 GOOD DESIGN® Awards, founders Carson Brown and Richard Adey are providing a sustainable alternative for urban transportation. TAUR has emerged as a game-changer in the electric scooter market, providing a sustainable solution for efficient and eco-friendly transportation in cities. Built with durability, style, and user-friendliness in mind, TAUR is redefining what an electric scooter can be.

Electric Miles

Electric Miles is an intelligent Internet of Energy charging platform. By combining artificial intelligence, automotive expertise, and energy management, founders Arun Anand and their team are streamlining the charging experience for electric vehicle owners.


WeVee is a fully integrated electric vehicle price comparison and leasing platform. Founders Chad Warner, Paul Fagan, and WeVee Technologies have created a platform that simplifies the process of choosing and leasing electric vehicles, making sustainable mobility accessible to everyone.


London’s electric vehicle startups are at the forefront of the global EV revolution. From AI-driven simulations to charging infrastructure and shared mobility services, these companies are transforming the way we think about transportation. With their innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability, they are driving us towards a greener and more connected future.

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