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Powering Efficiency – Exploring Innovative Energy Management Startups in Austin


In the thriving tech ecosystem of Austin, Texas, a cluster of forward-thinking startups is leading the charge in energy management innovation. These companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data-driven approaches to revolutionize the way we consume, monitor, and optimize energy resources. Join us as we delve into the realm of Austin’s most intriguing energy management startups, each making remarkable strides in reshaping the future of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Bractlet – Redefining Energy Optimization with Advanced Building Analytics

Bractlet specializes in building energy modeling, mesh networks, building operations, and big data analytics. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), Bractlet empowers businesses to optimize their energy consumption and streamline building operations for enhanced efficiency.

Banyan Water – Pioneering Smart Water Management for Commercial Businesses

Banyan Water provides smart water management services to commercial and institutional businesses. With a focus on real-time monitoring and data-driven insights, Banyan Water helps organizations conserve water resources, reduce costs, and embrace sustainable practices.

Semtive – Revolutionizing Wind Energy Generation with Small-Scale Turbines

Semtive is an energy technology company that develops small-scale wind turbines for decentralized wind energy generation. By making wind power accessible and affordable, Semtive plays a pivotal role in expanding the renewable energy landscape while empowering communities to become self-sufficient in their energy needs.

Curb – Empowering Home Energy Management with Intuitive Software Solutions

Curb specializes in energy engagement software and home energy management. By providing homeowners with real-time insights and controls over their energy consumption, Curb enables individuals to make informed decisions, reduce waste, and embrace energy-efficient lifestyles.

Accruent – Transforming Physical Resource Management through Software Solutions

Accruent is a global software company that helps organizations manage their physical resources effectively. With a comprehensive suite of software solutions, including energy management and facilities support services, Accruent streamlines operations, optimizes asset utilization, and promotes sustainable practices across various industries.

Green Energy Exchange – Facilitating Renewable Electricity Plans for Homes and Businesses

Green Energy Exchange offers renewable electricity plans for homes and businesses, allowing consumers to support clean energy sources. By connecting energy providers and environmentally conscious customers, Green Energy Exchange accelerates the adoption of renewable energy and fosters a greener energy ecosystem.

Gridmates – Revolutionizing Energy Sharing and Empowering Communities

Gridmates aims to transform the way we experience and share energy resources. By creating a peer-to-peer energy sharing platform, Gridmates enables individuals and communities to support each other during times of need, promoting energy equity and resilience.

Jupiter Power – Enabling Energy Storage and Trading for Independent Power Production

Jupiter Power is an independent power producer specializing in energy storage and trading. With expertise in trading, analytics, development, and finance, Jupiter Power unlocks the full potential of energy storage systems, contributing to a more reliable and sustainable energy grid.

Smart Charge America – Leading the Charge in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Smart Charge America is a major electric vehicle charging company based in Austin. With a focus on energy efficiency, Smart Charge America provides comprehensive charging solutions that support the growing adoption of electric vehicles, promoting a cleaner transportation ecosystem.

Santanna Energy Services – Supplying Energy Resources to Residents and Small Businesses

Santanna Energy Services supplies energy resources such as natural gas and electricity to residents and small businesses. With a commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction, Santanna Energy Services plays a crucial role in ensuring accessible and affordable energy for communities.

Greenlake Energy – Developing Oil and Natural Gas for Sustainable Energy Transition

Greenlake Energy is an energy resource company focused on developing oil and natural gas sustainably. By implementing environmentally conscious practices, Greenlake Energy contributes to the energy transition while ensuring responsible extraction and utilization of hydrocarbon resources.

Incenergy – Empowering Businesses with Real-Time HVAC Management Solutions

Incenergy offers HVAC management solutions to businesses, enabling real-time monitoring and control of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems. By optimizing HVAC operations, Incenergy enhances energy efficiency, reduces costs, and improves occupant comfort in commercial buildings.

uControl – Integrating Energy Management with Home Security and Automation

uControl provides home security, monitoring, and automation solutions with a strong focus on energy management. By integrating energy efficiency measures with smart home technology, uControl enhances security, convenience, and energy savings for homeowners.

ACR Engineering – Comprehensive Energy Management and HVAC Services

ACR Engineering offers energy management and heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) services. With expertise in energy efficiency and HVAC solutions, ACR Engineering helps businesses optimize their energy consumption and maintain comfortable indoor environments.

ClimateWells – Measuring and Removing Emissions for Carbon-Neutral Oilfields

ClimateWells is a carbon credit company that specializes in measuring and removing emissions in the oilfield. By providing carbon credits and sustainable solutions, ClimateWells supports the oil and gas industry’s transition towards a more environmentally friendly future.


Austin’s energy management startups are at the forefront of driving sustainable practices, optimizing resource utilization, and promoting energy efficiency. From advanced building analytics and smart water management to decentralized wind energy generation and real-time energy monitoring solutions, these companies are revolutionizing the way we manage and consume energy. With their innovative approaches and technologies, they are shaping a greener and more sustainable future for Austin and beyond. As the city continues to prioritize sustainability and technological advancements, these startups play a vital role in propelling Austin’s position as a leading hub for energy management innovation.

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