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nefsy – Eat for a Good Cause App

Do you want to make a positive impact while enjoying your favorite food? Look no further than nefsy, the eat for a good cause app that is revolutionizing the dining experience. With a strong focus on charity and food donations, nefsy is disrupting the F&B industry with its innovative “buy one feed one” concept that enables users to donate meals with every purchase at no extra cost. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into how nefsy is changing the world one meal at a time.

Buy One Feed One

nefsy’s mission is to make food donations a lifestyle. The app’s concept is simple yet effective – for every meal purchased through the app, nefsy donates a meal to someone in need through its network of local charity partners. Users can choose from a variety of restaurants and cuisines in their area, and every time they eat, they are also helping to feed the hungry. With nefsy, users can make a positive impact on their community without any extra effort or cost.

Aligning with Local Charities

nefsy is committed to creating long-lasting partnerships with local charities that share its vision of ending hunger. The company has collaborated with prominent charities such as Emirates Red Crescent, Islamic Affairs & Charity Activities Department, and UAE Food Bank, as well as the Dubai Government. Through these partnerships, nefsy has been able to reach a wider audience and make a greater impact in the fight against hunger.

Combining Technology and Social Responsibility

nefsy is not just a food ordering app – it’s a platform for social responsibility. The company’s innovative solution to food insecurity is rooted in technology, making it easy and accessible for anyone to donate meals. Users can track their donations and see the impact they are making in real-time. nefsy’s unique approach to food donations has earned it recognition and awards, including the “Best App for Social Good” at the App Awards Dubai in 2020.

Making a Difference, One Meal at a Time

nefsy’s eat for a good cause app is a game-changer for the F&B industry. With its “buy one feed one” concept, the app empowers users to make a positive impact on their community by donating meals to those in need. By aligning with local charities and leveraging technology, nefsy is on a mission to end hunger and make food donations a lifestyle. Join the movement and start making a difference, one meal at a time

Website: https://www.nefsy.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NefsyOfficial/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/nefsy/

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