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Nathita Consultancy Services Private Limited – Revolutionizing Non Recourse Funding for Supply Chain Industries


Welcome to the innovative world of Nathita Consultancy Services Private Limited, a startup based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Nathita provides a low-cost and practical solution for facilitating finance in the supply chain industries. With a global presence and a focus on emerging market exporters, Nathita aims to support their cash flow and liquidity needs while also providing cost-effective financing options for international buyers.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities for Exporters

Nathita recognizes the challenges faced by exporters in managing their cash flow and dealing with liquidity constraints. To address these issues, Nathita offers liquidity solutions that boost cash flow, productivity, and maximize growth. By providing financing options, such as pre-shipment finance, Nathita empowers exporters to meet the demands of their international buyers without the burden of upfront payments, bank guarantees, or letters of credit.

Streamlining Financing for Buyers

Nathita’s services extend beyond supporting exporters; they also offer significant benefits to international buyers. By leveraging Nathita’s pre-shipment finance and post-shipment financing options, buyers can streamline their operational costs and optimize their financial resources. Nathita’s solutions are faster, simpler, and more cost-effective compared to traditional banking channels and other financial institutions. With Nathita’s support, buyers can enjoy smoother transactions, reduced financial covenants, and enhanced production and sourcing capabilities.

Efficient and Tailored Financing Solutions

Nathita understands that each exporter and buyer has unique requirements. That’s why they offer tailored financing programs to address specific needs and bridge the gaps in both domestic and international markets. Whether it’s sourcing, manufacturing, converting materials into finished goods, or purchasing invoices, Nathita’s comprehensive solutions cover the entire supply chain. Their pre-shipment finance option enables suppliers to complete orders by monetizing irrevocable purchase orders, while post-shipment financing allows them to access funds by selling their invoices at discounted rates. Nathita’s financing options can be combined with their account receivables finance program, providing comprehensive support for the entire supply chain.


Nathita Consultancy Services Private Limited is revolutionizing the world of non-recourse funding in the supply chain industries. With their focus on liquidity solutions for exporters and cost-effective financing options for international buyers, Nathita is unlocking growth opportunities and driving efficiency in the market. By providing customized financing programs, they address the specific needs of their clients, ensuring a seamless flow of capital and supporting the growth of businesses across the globe.

Website: https://www.nathita.com

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