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Khodar – Revolutionizing the Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Discover how Khodar’s innovative B2B platform is transforming the way fresh produce is sourced and delivered.


Fresh produce supply chain is often plagued with challenges such as lengthy delivery times, middlemen, and lack of transparency. In the midst of this, Khodar, an Alexandria-based startup, has emerged as a game-changer in the fresh produce supply chain. With an innovative B2B platform, Khodar is disrupting traditional sourcing and delivery methods, providing customers with fresh produce that is sourced directly from farmers and delivered within hours.

Revolutionizing the Fresh Produce Supply Chain

Direct Sourcing: Khodar’s app-based platform offers a seamless B2B experience for retailers, hotels, hospitals, and restaurants, enabling them to source their fresh produce directly from farmers. This process ensures that customers receive high-quality fresh produce that has not been exposed to middlemen, resulting in reduced costs and increased profit margins for farmers.

Fast Delivery

Khodar’s delivery service is unmatched, offering same-day delivery within three hours of ordering. This enables businesses to receive fresh produce quickly, ensuring that they can keep their customers happy by serving them high-quality products. Khodar’s logistic teams are equipped with advanced technology, ensuring that products are delivered on time and in optimal conditions.

Innovative Technologies

Khodar is committed to providing customers with an enhanced user experience. The startup is continuously investing in digital cashiers, POS software, and dashboards to ensure seamless and efficient operations. The platform’s dashboard provides customers with real-time insights into their orders, enabling them to track the status of their orders and deliveries.


Khodar’s innovative B2B platform is transforming the fresh produce supply chain. By sourcing fresh produce directly from farmers and delivering it within hours, Khodar is ensuring that businesses receive high-quality products at reduced costs. With a commitment to innovation, Khodar is set to revolutionize the fresh produce industry and continue to provide its customers with unparalleled service.

Link: https://www.khodar.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/khodaregypt

Facebook: https://facebook.com/khodaregypt

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/khodar/

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