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Juked – Uniting Esports Fans in a Toxicity-Free Environment


Welcome to TechBubble.news Startup Showcase, where we unveil the latest and most innovative startups in the tech industry. In this edition, we present Juked, a revolutionary social network designed to bring esports fans closer together and foster a positive and inclusive environment. Based in Los Angeles, California, Juked aims to reshape the esports landscape by providing a centralized platform for fans to connect, discuss, and engage with their favorite esports communities.

A Social Network for Esports Enthusiasts

Fragmentation and Toxicity – The Problem

Esports has become a global phenomenon, captivating millions of fans worldwide. However, the esports community faces two significant challenges: fragmentation and toxicity. Currently, esports discussions are scattered across various platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Twitch chat. This fragmentation makes it difficult for fans to stay updated and engaged with their favorite esports events and communities. Moreover, the anonymity and lack of moderation on these platforms often lead to toxic behavior, hindering healthy discussions and creating a negative atmosphere for fans.

The Juked Solution – Uniting Fans and Reducing Toxicity

Juked is on a mission to redefine the esports social network experience. By creating an all-in-one platform, Juked aims to bring fans closer together and reduce toxicity in esports discussions. With the upcoming launch of the Juked app, fans will have access to a centralized hub that combines live streams, real-time scores, news, and community engagement features. Juked ensures that fans can stay connected to their favorite esports events and interact with like-minded individuals, fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

Empowering Esports Fans – Features and Vision

Juked offers a range of features designed to enhance the esports experience for fans. These features include personalized recommendations, community forums, event calendars, and comprehensive coverage of major esports tournaments. The platform’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy for fans to navigate and explore their favorite esports scenes. Juked’s vision is to create a vibrant and supportive esports community where fans can share their passion, connect with others, and celebrate the exciting world of esports.

Twitter https://twitter.com/jukedgg

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/jukedgg

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/jukedgg

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