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Jewel Digital Ventures – Incubating Digital Financial Solutions

As the world rapidly embraces digital transformation, Jewel Digital Ventures (JDV) is at the forefront of creating and incubating innovative digital financial solutions that drive economic impact. Founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, JDV is a diverse group of individuals with expertise in designing, building, launching, managing, and scaling financial solutions across industries and geographies. In this startup showcase, we will take a closer look at Jewel Digital Ventures and their vision for revolutionizing the financial industry.

JDV – A Driving Force for Financial Solutions

JDV’s mission is to enable individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals by providing cutting-edge digital financial solutions. The team works with innovators and industry experts to create solutions that cater to diverse financial needs. JDV’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation has positioned the company as a driving force for financial solutions.

Creating Economic Impact

Jewel Digital Ventures is not just a financial solutions provider but also an enabler of economic growth. JDV partners with various companies and startups to drive economic growth and innovation. The company is committed to empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups to achieve their financial goals. By creating innovative solutions that cater to the financial needs of SMEs and startups, JDV is creating economic impact that drives progress and innovation.

Incubating Innovative Solutions

One of the key factors that set JDV apart is their ability to incubate innovative digital financial solutions. The team at JDV is comprised of industry experts with years of experience in financial services, technology, and innovation. This combination of expertise and experience allows JDV to create and incubate solutions that are tailored to specific financial needs. By incubating innovative solutions, JDV has positioned itself as a leader in the financial services industry.

Raiz Malaysia – A Spare Change Investment Platform

One of JDV’s notable initiatives is Raiz Malaysia, a spare change investment platform. JDV is a joint venture partner of Raiz Investment Limited (Australia) for Southeast Asian investment initiatives. Raiz Malaysia offers a unique investment opportunity for individuals who are new to investing. The platform allows users to invest their spare change from everyday purchases. The platform rounds up purchases to the nearest ringgit and invests the spare change in a diversified portfolio. Raiz Malaysia makes investing accessible and hassle-free.


Jewel Digital Ventures is a leader in the digital financial solutions industry. The company’s commitment to innovation, economic growth, and incubating innovative solutions positions them as a driving force for financial solutions. JDV’s initiatives such as Raiz Malaysia are revolutionizing the financial services industry and making investing accessible to all. As JDV continues to innovate and incubate solutions, we can expect to see more disruption and positive economic impact in the financial services industry.

Website: https://www.jeweldv.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jewel.Digital.Ventures/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/jewel-digital-ventures-sdn-bhd/

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