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GreenTech Startups in London: Revolutionizing Sustainability

London is known for its thriving technology industry, and the GreenTech sector is no exception. With a focus on sustainability, these companies are making a difference in reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental protection. In this article, we showcase 15 interesting GreenTech startups in London that are working towards a sustainable future.

Octopus Energy

Reducing the cost of energy through technology Octopus Energy builds technology that reduces the cost of energy to improve the customer experience. With a focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency, the company offers affordable and sustainable energy solutions.


Blockchain sustainability and supply chain solutions Circulor is a blockchain sustainability company that offers traceability-as-a-service and supply chain solutions for manufacturers. Its cutting-edge technology ensures transparency and sustainability in supply chain management, thereby promoting environmental protection.


AI-powered carbon management platform Emitwise is an AI-powered carbon management platform that helps businesses in tracking and managing their carbon footprint. Its technology provides real-time data and insights to help organizations reduce their carbon emissions and promote sustainability.


Sustainable packaging derived from seaweed and plants Notpla is a sustainable packaging start-up that develops a material derived from seaweed and plants. Its sustainable packaging solutions are compostable, biodegradable, and help reduce plastic waste.


GreenTech recruitment marketplace Storm4 is a specialist GreenTech recruitment marketplace, connecting organizations with senior talent to drive their mission. Its focus on sustainability ensures that the right people are employed in companies that share the same vision for a sustainable future.


Platform for automating sustainability data measurement and management Altruistiq provides a platform that enables enterprises to automate sustainability data measurement, management, and exchange. Its technology streamlines sustainability reporting and helps organizations reduce their environmental impact.

Net Purpose

Impact measurement made effortless for investors Net Purpose is the world’s first data provider to make impact measurement effortless for investors who invest for profit and purpose. Its technology enables investors to make informed decisions that promote sustainability and financial growth.


The world’s first carbon insurer Kita is the world’s first carbon insurer. It provides insurance to companies to help offset their carbon footprint and promote sustainable practices.


Sustainability platform using Machine Learning Redigo is a sustainability platform that uses Machine Learning to help companies track, analyze, and act on their carbon footprint. Its technology provides real-time insights that enable organizations to reduce their carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

Pod Point: Infrastructure for mass adoption of electric vehicles Pod Point is building the infrastructure needed for the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK and Europe. Its focus on sustainable transport promotes a shift towards greener modes of transportation.


Specialist carbon data for better ESG investment SparkChange provides specialist carbon data that empowers better ESG investment products, risk management, and financial reporting. Its technology enables organizations to make informed decisions that promote sustainability and financial growth.

Lune Climate

API for emissions calculations and carbon removal Lune Climate offers the API for emissions calculations and carbon removal. Its technology helps organizations track and reduce their carbon emissions and promote environmental protection.

Quantifying Nature

SaaS for quantifying financial risks of the climate-biodiversity crisis on corporates Quantifying Nature is a SaaS platform that quantifies the financial risks of the climate-biodiversity crisis on corporates. Its technology enables targeted adaptation finance at scale and promotes sustainable investments.


Envopap is a sustainable materials company that utilizes green technology to provide agricultural waste with a second life. Their innovative and eco-friendly approach to manufacturing paper and packaging products has the potential to drastically reduce waste and mitigate the environmental impact of the paper industry. Envopap uses agricultural waste, such as wheat straw, to create a range of sustainable paper products.


Dodo is a property management company that specializes in energy-efficient buildings and sustainable living. Their software platform provides landlords with real-time energy consumption data and helps them optimize their properties to be more environmentally friendly. By reducing energy waste and promoting sustainable practices, Dodo aims to make the real estate industry more sustainable and eco-friendly.


The London-based startups listed above are just a few examples of the many innovative and promising GreenTech companies in the UK. From energy-efficient buildings to sustainable materials manufacturing and carbon footprint tracking, these startups are tackling some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. By using technology to create more sustainable practices and products, they are helping to build a more sustainable future for us all.

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