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Feezital – Empowering Small Sellers with Seamless Phygital Commerce

Welcome to TechBubble.news, your hub for the latest startup innovations. In this startup showcase, we present Feezital, a game-changing B2B SaaS startup that revolutionizes physical and digital commerce. Join us as we explore how Feezital enables small B2B and B2C sellers to thrive in the online and offline marketplace, locally and globally.

Embracing the Phygital Revolution

In a world where physical and digital experiences converge, the concept of Phygital commerce has gained significant traction. Feezital recognizes this shift and positions itself as a catalyst for small sellers to adapt and excel in the Phygital landscape. By seamlessly integrating online and offline commerce, Feezital paves the way for enhanced customer experiences and increased business opportunities.

Streamlining Operations

Feezital’s flagship product, the Feezital Seller App, offers a comprehensive suite of integrated POS solutions and personal online stores. In just two minutes, small sellers can set up their online presence, enabling them to sell their products and accept payments both online and offline. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for substantial investments or technical expertise, empowering small sellers to compete effectively in the digital marketplace.

Community Marketplace

Feezital.com, the community marketplace powered by Feezital, plays a vital role in supporting local stores, traders, and manufacturers. With Feezital.com, small sellers can purchase and sell products online, benefiting from a commission-free platform. This inclusive marketplace not only promotes local businesses but also provides customers with a remarkable online buying experience. Feezital.com nurtures a thriving ecosystem that fosters growth and collaboration among local sellers.


Feezital is at the forefront of Phygital commerce, offering an enterprise-grade B2B SaaS solution that empowers small sellers in the online and offline marketplace. With the Feezital Seller App, small B2B and B2C sellers can seamlessly integrate their physical and digital operations, selling and accepting payments locally and globally. The community marketplace, Feezital.com, further supports local businesses by facilitating online transactions without commission fees.

Website: Feezital

Twitter: @feezital

Facebook: Feezital

LinkedIn: Feezital

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