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Energy Storage Startups in London: A Look at 15 Game-Changing Companies

London is a hub for innovation, and its energy storage industry is no exception. With the UK government setting a target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050, energy storage startups are playing a crucial role in the transition to a low-carbon economy. In this article, we’ll showcase 15 of the most interesting energy storage startups in London.

Moixa Technology

Moixa Technology is a leading developer of integrated hardware and GridShare software for renewable energy storage, optimization, and aggregation. Its platform enables homeowners and businesses to manage and store energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydro. Moixa has raised over £15 million in funding and is expanding its operations in the UK and internationally.

Breathe Battery Technologies

Breathe Battery Technologies is a developer of electric vehicle battery charging control software for automotive manufacturers. Its innovative software platform optimizes charging times and battery life, reducing the environmental impact of electric vehicles. The company has raised £1.5 million in seed funding and is working with leading automotive companies to integrate its software into their vehicles.

PF Nexus

PF Nexus is a renewable energy and infrastructure deal origination platform. Its online marketplace connects renewable energy project developers with investors, enabling faster and more efficient financing of clean energy projects. The company has raised £1 million in seed funding and is rapidly expanding its operations in the UK and globally.

Flexion Energy

Flexion Energy is a modern utility and energy storage infrastructure specialist, bridging the gap between development and finance. Its expertise in energy storage, renewable energy, and finance enables the company to provide integrated solutions for large-scale energy projects. Flexion Energy has raised over £6 million in funding and is working on projects in the UK and internationally.


Powervault aims to disrupt the energy storage market by supplying the first plug and play energy storage device for the home. Its innovative technology allows homeowners to store energy from solar panels or the grid, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. The company has raised over £2.5 million in funding and is expanding its operations in the UK and internationally.


E24 provides fully integrated end-to-end modular and inter-connectable renewable energy solutions. Its platform enables businesses and communities to generate, store, and distribute renewable energy, reducing their carbon footprint and energy costs. E24 has raised over £1 million in funding and is working on projects in the UK and Europe.

Bacanora Minerals

Bacanora Minerals is an explorer and developer of industrial minerals in Mexico with a primary focus on Borates and Lithium. Its innovative mining techniques and sustainable practices enable the company to produce high-quality minerals while reducing its environmental impact. Bacanora Minerals has raised over £400 million in funding and is expanding its operations in Mexico and internationally.

Inspirit Energy Holdings

Inspirit Energy Holdings is a company that specializes in providing sustainable energy solutions to buildings. It has developed a new type of micro combined heat and power (CHP) boiler that generates electricity on-site while simultaneously providing heating and hot water. This is done by utilizing Stirling engine technology that can convert heat into electricity at high efficiency levels.

CLB Europe

CLB Europe is a company that specializes in producing the Silicon-Graphene composite Anode Material, SiGrAM, designed for advanced Lithium-ion batteries. The company’s technology has been developed to improve the performance of Lithium-ion batteries by increasing their energy density, improving their charge rates, and reducing their cost.


Enviko is a company that provides sustainable energy solutions to businesses and homeowners. The company’s range of products includes solar PV systems, battery storage systems, and electric vehicle charging stations. Enviko’s solutions are designed to help its customers reduce their carbon footprint, save money on energy bills, and increase their energy independence.

First Imagine! Ventures

First Imagine! Ventures is an early stage venture capital investor focused on technologies driving the Energy transition. The company’s investment portfolio includes a range of companies that are developing innovative technologies in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Battery, Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Fuel Cell, Power Grid, Renewable Energy, Solar, and Wind Energy.

Eku Energy

Eku Energy is a globally diversified and technology-enabled energy storage business. The company’s technology has been designed to enable the large-scale storage of renewable energy, which can then be used to provide backup power during grid outages, or sold back to the grid during periods of high demand. Eku Energy’s technology has the potential to play a significant role in the transition towards a more sustainable energy system, as it can help to overcome one of the key challenges facing the integration of renewable energy into the grid: its intermittency.

Energy Optimisation Solutions

Energy Optimisation Solutions is a company that provides research-based solutions to building energy storage systems. Its team of experts offers consulting and engineering services for energy optimization and storage. The company leverages cutting-edge technologies to help clients increase energy efficiency and reduce costs while meeting sustainability goals.

Interconnector (UK) Limited

Interconnector (UK) Limited owns and operates a bi-directional gas pipeline that links the UK and continental Europe. The company is an important player in the European gas market, providing a secure and flexible supply of gas to the UK and mainland Europe. With a total capacity of 25.5 billion cubic meters per year, the Interconnector pipeline is a critical piece of infrastructure that helps to ensure energy security and reliability across the region.

Lightsource Labs

Lightsource Labs is a company that provides energy management solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. The company’s focus is on helping its clients to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency through innovative technology and data-driven solutions. Lightsource Labs offers a range of services, from energy audits and assessments to the installation and management of energy storage systems. With its cutting-edge solutions, Lightsource Labs is helping businesses to meet their sustainability goals while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.


London is home to a vibrant and growing energy storage startup ecosystem. These 15 companies represent some of the most exciting and innovative players in the industry, with a focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy storage. From Moixa Technology’s GridShare software to Lightsource Labs’ energy management solutions, these startups are helping to reshape the energy landscape and drive the transition to a more sustainable future. As the demand for energy storage continues to grow, we can expect to see even more exciting developments from London’s energy storage startups in the years ahead.

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