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Connect Central Oregon – Force Multiplier for Social Engagement

If you’re looking for a way to connect with the technology community, community leaders, and businesses in Central Oregon, look no further than Connect Central Oregon. This innovative startup is a force multiplier for social engagement, providing opportunities for volunteerism, mentoring, innovation, and partnerships to grow the community and its future leaders.

Connecting Technology, Community, and Companies

Connect Central Oregon is committed to building a socially-engaged community that is happier and healthier through mentorship and experiential learning. The startup produces and supports events that bring people together and provide service-learning opportunities for both youth and adults. By doing so, it aims to create a next-generation of leaders that are career and community-ready.

Ignite Bend – Ideas Worth Spreading

One of Connect Central Oregon’s flagship programs is Ignite Bend. This event provides a platform for passionate individuals to share their ideas with the community. Speakers have five minutes to share their innovative ideas, backed up by 20 slides that change automatically every 15 seconds. Ignite Bend has become one of the most popular events in Central Oregon, attracting hundreds of attendees to each event.

BroadcasTeen – Giving Youth a Voice

Another program that Connect Central Oregon offers is BroadcasTeen. This initiative gives young people the opportunity to learn the skills required to create and produce a podcast series. By participating in this program, youth can learn the ins and outs of podcasting, from ideation to production to publication. This service-learning opportunity allows young people to gain valuable experience while giving them a voice and platform to share their ideas and opinions.

High Desert Robotics Expositions (HDRex) – Innovating the Future

Connect Central Oregon also hosts the High Desert Robotics Expositions (HDRex), a program that promotes and develops robotics innovation. HDRex is a community-based initiative that supports and enhances the K-12 robotics education and competition programs across the Central Oregon region. The program focuses on making robotics accessible and exciting to young people, providing them with opportunities to explore robotics and become future innovators.

Website https://connectcentraloregon.org

Facebook https://facebook.com/connectcentraloregon

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/connectcentraloregon.

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