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Augmenting Reality in Austin – Unveiling Innovative AR Startups


As the world embraces the transformative power of augmented reality (AR), Austin, Texas, has emerged as a vibrant hub for AR startups. These visionary companies are pushing the boundaries of technology, harnessing AR to revolutionize industries such as sports, advertising, real estate, and more. In this article, we delve into 15 fascinating AR startups based in Austin, showcasing their groundbreaking applications, visionary founders, and the industries they are transforming.

WIN Reality

WIN Reality is a sports technology company that prepares athletes for competition using game-speed virtual and augmented reality applications. Their innovative AR solutions enable athletes to enhance their skills, simulate real game scenarios, and improve performance. With a focus on AR, hardware, software, sports, training, and virtual reality, WIN Reality is revolutionizing sports training.


CareAR provides augmented reality tools for service management teams. Their AR solutions enable remote collaboration, troubleshooting, and knowledge sharing, enhancing service efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a focus on AR, SaaS, and software, CareAR is transforming service management through cutting-edge technology.


SubVRsive is an XR studio specializing in 360-degree videos, virtual reality (VR), and AR experiences. They create immersive content that captivates audiences and transforms advertising and marketing campaigns. With expertise in advertising, AR, marketing, video, and VR, SubVRsive is redefining storytelling through immersive technologies.


Oomii develops retinal scan display technology for augmented reality. Their innovative solutions offer high-resolution and low-latency AR experiences, pushing the boundaries of visual quality and immersion. With a focus on AR, information technology, and VR, Oomii is driving advancements in display technology.


ImagineX creates VR/3D digital twins to help residential and commercial developers and brokers prelease and presell new properties remotely. Their immersive solutions allow potential buyers to visualize and explore properties, revolutionizing the real estate industry. With a focus on AR, big data, and software, ImagineX is transforming the way properties are marketed and sold.

Golf Scope

Golf Scope is an application that uses a phone camera to understand the topography and speed of a putting green. By overlaying AR information, golfers can gain insights and improve their putting skills. With a focus on AR, iOS, mobile apps, sports, and VR, Golf Scope is enhancing the golfing experience through technology.

Astral AR, LLC

Astral AR, LLC develops sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for aerospace, security, and humanitarian applications. Their unbiased sensor technology and AI algorithms enable ultra-fast rescue operations and enhance security measures. With a focus on aerospace, AI, AR, drones, electronics, and security, Astral AR, LLC is making a significant impact on safety and security.

Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile is an innovation consultancy that brings digital experiences to life through design and technology integration. With expertise in AR, enterprise applications, internet of things (IoT), mobile apps, and VR, Mutual Mobile helps businesses unlock the potential of AR and create engaging experiences for their customers.


itzat offers an online portal and mobile app that enables businesses to create, promote, and manage events associated with client brands. By leveraging AR technology, itzat enhances the event experience and provides interactive elements for attendees. With a focus on AR, mobile, and nightlife, itzat is revolutionizing event management and engagement.


FoVI3D is dedicated to the development and commercialization of light-field display systems for augmented reality. Their innovative solutions create immersive and realistic AR experiences. With a focus on AR, information technology, software, and VR, FoVI3D is advancing the field of display technology.


FarBridge specializes in designing and developing 3D games, applications, and graphics for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Their expertise in immersive technologies is shaping the future of gaming and entertainment. With a focus on 3D technology, apps, AR, software, and VR, FarBridge is at the forefront of immersive experiences.


Zukurri creates interactive real estate solutions, enabling everyone to envision and explore communities together. Their AR technology revolutionizes the architecture and commercial real estate industries, providing unique and immersive experiences. With a focus on architecture, AR, commercial real estate, software, and VR, Zukurri is transforming the way people interact with real estate.

Part Time Evil

Part Time Evil offers a craft-centric augmented and virtual reality experience. Through their innovative applications, they merge the physical and digital worlds, creating engaging and interactive experiences. With a focus on 3D technology, AR, events, product design, software, UX design, and VR, Part Time Evil is redefining user experiences.


METATICK is a blockchain platform aiming to revolutionize the event industry through augmented and virtual reality. Their innovative solutions provide secure and immersive experiences for event attendees and organizers. With a focus on AR and VR, METATICK is driving the evolution of event technology.


CM&D offers virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360 video production services. They specialize in creating immersive and engaging content that captivates audiences. With expertise in AR, video, and VR, CM&D helps businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance their brand experiences.


Austin’s AR startup ecosystem is thriving, with these 15 innovative companies leading the way in leveraging augmented reality for transformative applications. From sports training to service management, advertising to real estate, these startups are shaping the future and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AR technology. As Austin continues to be a hotbed of technological innovation, these AR startups are at the forefront of transforming industries and revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us.

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