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Artifact Revolutionizing Qualitative Data Insights

How Artifact's Qualitative Data Insights Platform Can Help Businesses Understand Customer Needs Better

Artifact, a Utah-based startup, has developed a qualitative data insights platform that can help businesses understand customer needs better. In this startup showcase, we’ll dive into how Artifact’s platform works and how it can benefit businesses.

Warehouse Qualitative Data at Critical Stages

One of the most significant advantages of Artifact’s platform is that it warehouses qualitative data at critical stages of the customer journey. This data is then analyzed by Artifact’s machine intelligence and presented in a way that’s easy to understand. By collecting data throughout the customer journey, businesses can get a better understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences.

Instantly Build Analyst-Grade Reports

Another major advantage of Artifact’s platform is that it can instantly build analyst-grade reports. This means that users can quickly find meaningful patterns and uncover customer needs without having to spend a lot of time analyzing the data manually. By providing insights in a fraction of the time, Artifact enables businesses to make better decisions that align with both business value and customer impact.

Compare Customer Cohorts and Different Milestones

Artifact’s solution offers a suite of historical insights from the moment users connect their data. It can tell how topics and sentiments have changed over time and compare them against customer cohorts and different customer milestones. This allows businesses to see how their customers’ needs and preferences change over time, making it easier to stay ahead of the curve and adapt quickly.


Artifact’s platform provides businesses with a powerful tool to help them understand their customers better. By warehousing data at critical stages of the customer journey, providing instant analyst-grade reports, and allowing for comparisons of customer cohorts and different milestones, Artifact offers businesses a comprehensive solution for qualitative data insights. With its easy-to-use platform and powerful machine intelligence, Artifact is revolutionizing the way businesses think about and use qualitative data insights.

Website https://www.artifact.io

Twitter https://twitter.com/artifacthq.

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