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AirCarbon Exchange – Where Sustainability Meets the Global Economy


Welcome to TechBubble.news, where we bring you the latest innovations in the startup world. In this startup showcase, we introduce AirCarbon Exchange, a Singapore-based company that is transforming the future of carbon trading. Join us as we explore how AirCarbon Exchange leverages sustainability to create an efficient, transparent, and accessible platform for carbon trading.

Unleashing the Potential

AirCarbon Exchange is at the forefront of the evolving carbon trading landscape. With a mission to address climate change through innovative solutions, the company has developed a global exchange that revolutionizes the voluntary carbon market. By leveraging blockchain technology and Sustainability, AirCarbon Exchange aims to create a more accessible and efficient marketplace for carbon offsets.

Efficiency and Transparency

At the core of AirCarbon Exchange’s offering is an intuitive and user-friendly trading platform. The exchange caters to a diverse range of clients, including corporate entities, financial traders, carbon project developers, and industry stakeholders. By providing an efficient and transparent marketplace, AirCarbon Exchange enables seamless trading with the lowest commission fees available in the market.

Tokenizing Carbon Offsets

AirCarbon Exchange takes a unique approach to carbon offset Sustainability . They have tokenized carbon offsets into three fungible carbon asset classes, each with distinct characteristics and purposes. The AirCarbon CORSIA Token (CET) includes carbon offsets compliant with ICAO/CORSIA guidelines. The AirCarbon Global Nature Token (GNT) comprises high-quality offsets from forest management projects. Lastly, the AirCarbon Premium Token (PMT) consists of the highest quality offsets that align with the Millennium Development Goals of the UN. By tokenizing carbon offsets, AirCarbon Exchange enhances liquidity, transparency, and accessibility in the market.


AirCarbon Exchange is leading the way in revolutionizing the voluntary carbon market. By leveraging Sustainability and blockchain technology, they provide a user-friendly platform for efficient and transparent carbon trading. With their diverse range of fungible carbon asset classes, AirCarbon Exchange offers flexibility and accessibility to carbon market participants. As the world becomes more focused on combating climate change, AirCarbon Exchange plays a crucial role in accelerating the transition to a sustainable future.

Website: https://acx.net/

LinkedIn: AirCarbon Pte Ltd

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