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Urgently Health – Humanizing Healthcare with Last-Minute Medical Care Simplified

Urgently Health is a New York-based startup dedicated to streamlining the last-minute, unplanned medical process for patients and healthcare providers. Our mobile application allows patients to easily find local medical care facilities based on their specific needs, with estimated wait times provided, so they can be seen and treated as soon as possible. Our goal is to humanize healthcare, reducing stress associated with unplanned, last-minute care, and medical emergencies.

Discover Medical Care Facilities and Estimated Wait Times

Urgently Health’s mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It offers patients the ability to browse providers based on specialties and services offered, as well as insurances accepted, so patients avoid surprises when arriving at the front desk. Patients can also fill out paperwork before arriving at the medical facility, reducing the time spent in the waiting room. The App also allows patients to store their medical forms, medical history, pre-existing conditions, etc., reducing stress associated with unexpected medical emergencies.

With estimated wait times provided, Urgently Health saves patients time and frustration. They can choose to wait from the comfort of their own homes or arrive at the healthcare facility when the wait is shorter. This results in reduced wait times in hospitals, clinics, emergency rooms, and other medical care providers. For healthcare providers, it means better-prepared staff, increased efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Notifying Healthcare Facilities in Advance

Urgently Health notifies the hospital or clinic a patient chooses that they are on their way to them, providing healthcare facilities with an approximate travel time. This feature allows providers to expect patients and better prepare for their arrival before they get there. This is especially vital during emergencies where mere minutes can make a difference!

Web Platform for Hospitals and Clinics

Urgently Health also offers a Web Platform for hospitals and clinics who accept walk-in patients. The Platform allows for better preparedness and increased efficiency, reducing the chaos and confusion of traditional medical care providers. Providers can access patient information before they arrive, allowing for assigning severity, pre-triage, and verifying information before patients arrive. The Platform provides healthcare administrators with statistics such as hot-times, most common ailments, and historical wait-times to mitigate over and under-staffing, ensuring preparation, and providing greater patient satisfaction and retention while reducing costs.


Urgently Health is an innovative startup that humanizes healthcare by streamlining the last-minute, unplanned medical process. Their mobile application and web platform help patients find local medical care facilities based on their specific needs, reducing stress associated with unexpected medical emergencies. The app and platform also help healthcare providers prepare for patients’ arrival, increasing efficiency and patient satisfaction while reducing costs. With Urgently Health, last-minute medical care is no longer a daunting task.

Website https://www.urgentlyhealth.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/urgentlyhealthapp


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