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Unveiling the Data Revolution – Exploring Big Data Startups in Austin


In the dynamic landscape of Austin, Texas, a hub of technological advancements, a new wave of startups is harnessing the power of big data to revolutionize industries and propel innovation forward. These pioneering companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies, sophisticated analytics, and the vast potential of data to create groundbreaking solutions that address complex challenges and unlock new opportunities. From travel technology and logistics to geospatial analytics and artificial intelligence, Austin’s big data startups are reshaping the way businesses operate and paving the way for a data-driven future.

Mondee – Transforming Travel with Next-Generation Technology

Mondee is a trailblazing travel technology company that leverages big data to provide market-leading transformative solutions for the next generation of travel. Their innovative technology platform enhances the travel experience by delivering personalized recommendations, optimizing travel itineraries, and streamlining booking processes.

Anaconda – Empowering Data Science and Machine Learning

Anaconda is a leading data science platform that serves as the foundation for modern machine learning. With a comprehensive suite of tools and libraries, Anaconda enables data scientists to analyze, model, and deploy machine learning solutions efficiently, driving innovation across industries.

Vapor IO – Revolutionizing Edge Computing and Data Management

Vapor IO pioneers the development of a nationwide network solution for the edge, offering edge exchange, colocation, and networking services. By bringing data processing closer to the source, Vapor IO enables faster insights, low-latency applications, and efficient data management in the era of big data.

Shipwell – Streamlining Freight Logistics with Data-Driven Solutions

Shipwell is a disruptive freight trucking startup that utilizes big data analytics to provide businesses with automated and optimized transportation solutions. By leveraging real-time data, Shipwell optimizes routes, reduces costs, and enhances supply chain efficiency, transforming the way goods and services are transported.

CognitiveScale – Unlocking the Potential of Enterprise AI

CognitiveScale offers an enterprise AI platform that harnesses the power of big data and machine learning to drive intelligent automation and decision-making. Their solutions enable businesses to gain valuable insights, automate processes, and deliver personalized experiences across various industries.

L7 Informatics – Accelerating Scientific Workflows with Data Management

L7 Informatics provides a cutting-edge workflow management software platform designed for companies employing data-intensive scientific techniques. By seamlessly integrating data management, analysis, and collaboration, L7 Informatics empowers researchers to accelerate discoveries and drive innovation in biotechnology and life sciences.

Esper – Empowering Governments with Data-Driven Public Policy

Esper offers a comprehensive platform that enables governments to create and manage public policies from a single dashboard. By leveraging big data and analytics, Esper helps governments make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance governance effectiveness for the benefit of citizens.

Albedo – Revolutionizing Geospatial Insights with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery

Albedo specializes in designing and operating satellites that capture imagery at a higher resolution. By harnessing the power of big data and geospatial analytics, Albedo provides businesses with actionable insights and enables more accurate decision-making in various industries, including agriculture, urban planning, and environmental monitoring.

FeatureBase – Securing Access to Large Datasets with Data Virtualization

FeatureBase develops data virtualization software that ensures secure access to large datasets. By enabling organizations to access and analyze data without the need for data duplication or movement, FeatureBase enhances data privacy, improves data governance, and accelerates insights for analytics and decision-making.

Kizen – Empowering Businesses with a No-Code CRM and Operations Platform

Kizen is a groundbreaking company that offers the first no-code and enterprise-grade CRM, Insights, and Operations Platform. By leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Kizen enables businesses to streamline customer relationship management, gain valuable insights, and optimize operations for enhanced productivity and growth.

Lucid AI – Solving Big Data Challenges with Causal Reasoning AI

Lucid AI is a software and services company that utilizes causal reasoning AI to solve complex big data problems. Their innovative approach combines advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to provide actionable insights, predictive modeling, and optimization for businesses operating in data-intensive domains.

Surveying And Mapping (SAM) – Advancing Geospatial Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Surveying And Mapping (SAM), Inc. is a leading provider of complete geospatial data solutions, utilizing advanced surveying and mapping technologies. With a focus on big data and geospatial analytics, SAM offers comprehensive mapping services and software solutions that drive efficiency, accuracy, and informed decision-making in various industries.

Bractlet – Driving Energy Efficiency with Building Operations and Big Data

Bractlet specializes in providing building energy modeling, mesh networks, building operations, and big data solutions. By leveraging advanced analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), Bractlet empowers organizations to optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable building management.

Umbel – Empowering Sports and Entertainment Companies with Data Management

Umbel is a data management platform that empowers sports and entertainment companies to unlock the value of their data. By aggregating, organizing, and analyzing vast amounts of data, Umbel enables businesses to drive revenue, enhance fan engagement, and deliver personalized experiences in the digital age.

UnaliWear – Enhancing Elderly Care with AI and Wearable Technology

UnaliWear develops wearable technology solutions, often referred to as ‘OnStar for People’ and ‘NEST for People.’ By combining artificial intelligence, big data, and healthcare expertise, UnaliWear offers innovative wearable devices that provide personalized support, safety monitoring, and enhanced independence for the elderly.


In the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, these 15 big data startups are revolutionizing industries, driving innovation, and leveraging the power of data to transform the way businesses operate. From travel technology and logistics to geospatial analytics and artificial intelligence, these companies are at the forefront of the data revolution, harnessing its potential to create smarter solutions, deliver personalized experiences, and shape a data-driven future.

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