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Unveiling Bangalore’s Big Data Innovators – Transforming Industries with Data-driven Insights


In the era of data-driven decision making, Bangalore, Karnataka, stands at the forefront of Big Data innovation. The city is home to a vibrant ecosystem of startups leveraging advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to extract valuable insights from massive datasets. In this article, we delve into fifteen remarkable Big Data startups based in Bangalore that are revolutionizing industries, empowering businesses, and driving the digital transformation.

Ather Energy

Ather Energy is a prominent player in the electric vehicle industry. Their innovative use of Big Data analytics allows them to gather valuable insights about customer preferences, charging patterns, and performance metrics. By leveraging these insights, Ather Energy creates electric scooters that are tailored to meet the evolving needs of their customers.


Yulu is an electric bike rental app that aims to address traffic congestion and air pollution in urban India. By leveraging Big Data analytics, Yulu optimizes its bike-sharing operations, ensuring efficient bike availability, and convenient pickup and drop-off points. This data-driven approach enhances the overall user experience and contributes to sustainable urban mobility.

Ultraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette Automotive is a pioneer in developing electric two-wheelers with a focus on clean energy and sustainable transportation. Their use of Big Data analytics enables them to optimize battery performance, enhance vehicle efficiency, and provide personalized user experiences. Ultraviolette Automotive’s data-driven solutions contribute to the growth of electric mobility in India.

Entuple E-Mobility

Entuple E-Mobility specializes in the design, development, testing, and system validation of electric motors. By leveraging Big Data analytics, Entuple E-Mobility optimizes motor performance, efficiency, and reliability. Their data-driven approach enables them to deliver cutting-edge electric motor solutions to the automotive industry.

Simple Energy

Simple Energy is a leading manufacturer of smart electric scooters. Through the use of Big Data analytics, Simple Energy gathers insights on energy consumption, battery performance, and user behavior. This data-driven approach allows them to develop high-quality electric scooters that offer superior performance, range, and user experience.

Three Wheels United

Three Wheels United is a tech-enabled financier of light electric vehicles. By leveraging Big Data analytics, they assess creditworthiness and provide customized financing solutions for electric vehicle owners and drivers. Three Wheels United’s data-driven approach promotes the adoption of electric vehicles by overcoming financial barriers.


Vidyut offers end-to-end solutions for electric vehicle purchase, financing, and resale, providing superior economics for electric vehicle owners. Through Big Data analytics, Vidyut evaluates market trends, pricing dynamics, and vehicle performance data to offer optimized financial solutions and maximize customer value.

Oben Electric

Oben Electric is a leading electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that excels in in-house designing, research and development, and product manufacturing. By utilizing Big Data analytics, Oben Electric continuously improves its product offerings, enhances performance, and ensures sustainability, contributing to the growth of the electric vehicle industry.


Bolt.Earth provides charging products and end-to-end solutions for electric vehicles. Their data-driven approach enables them to optimize charging infrastructure, develop intelligent energy management systems, and provide seamless charging experiences for electric vehicle owners. Bolt.Earth’s solutions contribute to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Cell Propulsion

Cell Propulsion focuses on fleet electrification and develops solutions for large-scale electrification of commercial vehicle fleets. By leveraging Big Data analytics, Cell Propulsion optimizes fleet operations, monitors vehicle performance, and ensures efficient charging infrastructure. Their data-driven solutions accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.

Urban Sphere

Urban Sphere is a Bangalore-based startup that focuses on leveraging Big Data to create smart cities. Their innovative solutions analyze data from various urban systems, including transportation, energy, and infrastructure, to optimize resource allocation and enhance the quality of life for urban residents. By harnessing the power of data, Urban Sphere is shaping the future of urban planning and development.


Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions company with a strong presence in Bangalore. They utilize Big Data analytics to provide smart and sustainable solutions for various industries, including aerospace, defense, utilities, and transportation. By integrating data from diverse sources, Cyient enables businesses to optimize operations, improve efficiency, and drive innovation.


Qubole is a cloud-native data platform that empowers organizations to harness the potential of Big Data. With their advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, Qubole enables businesses in Bangalore and beyond to extract valuable insights from large datasets, fueling data-driven decision-making and accelerating innovation.

Intuit Analytics

Intuit Analytics, a subsidiary of Intuit Inc., specializes in providing data-driven financial management solutions. With their deep understanding of financial data and advanced analytics techniques, Intuit Analytics helps businesses in Bangalore gain actionable insights to optimize their financial performance, manage risks, and drive growth.


MoEngage is a customer engagement platform that leverages Big Data analytics to deliver personalized and contextual experiences across various digital channels. Their solutions enable businesses in Bangalore to understand customer behavior, segment their audience, and drive customer retention and revenue growth through targeted engagement strategies.


Subex is a leading provider of Business Support Systems (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) security solutions. By leveraging Big Data analytics, Subex helps businesses in Bangalore and beyond mitigate risks, detect fraud, and ensure the security and integrity of their digital assets and IoT networks.

Nanobi Data and Analytics

Nanobi Data and Analytics specializes in providing end-to-end Big Data and analytics solutions. Their comprehensive services range from data integration and processing to advanced analytics and visualization. By enabling businesses to unlock the value of their data, Nanobi Data and Analytics empowers them to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.


Innoplexus is a global AI and Big Data analytics company that focuses on the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Their advanced analytics platform helps pharmaceutical companies in Bangalore and worldwide optimize drug discovery, clinical trials, and market access, leading to faster innovation and improved patient outcomes.


Artivatic.ai is an AI-powered platform that utilizes Big Data and machine learning to deliver personalized insurance and financial solutions. By analyzing vast amounts of data, including customer profiles, risk factors, and market trends, Artivatic.ai enables insurers and financial institutions in Bangalore to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and mitigate risks.


The Big Data startups in Bangalore, Karnataka, are revolutionizing various sectors, from urban planning and financial management to customer engagement and healthcare. By harnessing the power of data analytics, machine learning, and AI, these companies are driving innovation, optimizing operations, and improving decision-making for businesses and society as a whole. As Bangalore continues to establish itself as a hub of technological advancement, the contributions of these Big Data startups will play a crucial role in shaping the future of industries and transforming the way we live, work, and interact in urban environments.

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