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Unlocking Language – Exploring Bangalore’s Leading Natural Language Processing Startups


Bangalore, the technological hub of Karnataka, India, is a breeding ground for innovation, and its natural language processing (NLP) startups are at the forefront of transforming language comprehension. These visionary companies are leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning to unravel the complexities of human language. In this article, we shine a spotlight on the top NLP startups in Bangalore, showcasing their pioneering solutions and the impact they are making across industries.


Skit is an augmented voice intelligence platform that modernizes contact centers and customer experiences. By harnessing the power of NLP and speech recognition, Skit empowers businesses to enhance their customer service operations and deliver exceptional CX.


Niki is revolutionizing the Indian internet economy with its full-stack Ramu Kaka solution. Leveraging NLP, Niki enables users to complete various transactions and access services using natural language conversations, bridging the gap between the digital world and Bharat.


Expertia.AI offers a platform that combines deep learning, NLP, and explainable AI to predict the right candidates for organizations. By leveraging advanced NLP techniques, Expertia.AI revolutionizes the recruitment process, ensuring the right fit for companies.


Solvio utilizes AI to build technology that automatically grades descriptive answers provided by students. By combining NLP, computer vision, and machine learning, Solvio streamlines the assessment process, providing accurate and efficient grading solutions.


Foore is a customer messaging platform that caters to brick and mortar businesses. Their NLP-powered software enables personalized and automated messaging, empowering businesses to engage with their customers effectively.


Shenzyn is an AI-driven marketplace exclusively focused on diversity. Leveraging NLP and machine learning, Shenzyn connects diversity-focused job seekers with corporations committed to fostering inclusivity in the workforce.


Qualyon offers a virtual agent and chatbot solution for customer relationship management (CRM). Their NLP-driven virtual assistant streamlines customer interactions, enhancing engagement and support.


Frrole is an AI-powered consumer intelligence platform that caters to marketers, analysts, and recruiters. By leveraging NLP, machine learning, and big data analytics, Frrole provides actionable insights to drive strategic decision-making.


Couture.ai provides AI and machine learning models at scale. Their advanced NLP and predictive analytics solutions empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences.


Bankbuddy.ai offers AI solutions for financial institutions, automating and analyzing stakeholder interactions. By leveraging NLP and machine learning, Bankbuddy.ai enhances customer service, risk assessment, and operational efficiency in the finance industry.


DataTurks offers computer software services with a focus on NLP. Their solutions enable businesses to extract valuable insights from structured and unstructured data, leveraging the power of NLP algorithms.

Almug Technologies

Almug Technologies specializes in structured and unstructured data management solutions using AI. Their NLP-powered software enables businesses to extract actionable insights, optimize operations, and drive growth.

Agilean Solutions Private Limited

Agilean Solutions provides enterprise software automation tools that enhance organizational productivity. Leveraging NLP, their software enables automation and streamlines project management processes, boosting efficiency.

iyotta Software

iyotta Software focuses on social media analysis for e-commerce and news discovery. By leveraging NLP and machine learning, iyotta Software empowers businesses to uncover valuable insights from social media data and improve decision-making.


UtilizeAI is a research and product startup specializing in NLP and NLU. Their cutting-edge solutions enable businesses to understand and interpret human language, driving innovation and productivity across various industries.


Bangalore’s NLP startups are spearheading the language revolution, leveraging the power of AI and NLP to transform industries and drive innovation. From contact center modernization to recruitment, customer messaging, and consumer intelligence, these visionary companies are revolutionizing the way businesses understand and interact with human language. As Bangalore continues to thrive as a global technology hub, these NLP startups are propelling the city’s reputation as a hotbed of language intelligence and innovation.

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