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Unleashing the Power of Big Data – Exploring Palo Alto’s Innovative Startups


In the era of digital transformation, data has become a crucial asset for organizations across industries. In the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is a hotbed for startups that are leveraging big data to drive innovation, gain valuable insights, and propel business success. These forward-thinking companies are at the forefront of revolutionizing analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. In this article, we will showcase and explain 15 interesting big data startups in Palo Alto, California, that are reshaping industries and unlocking the potential of data-driven decision-making.


Glean provides a powerful work assistant that enables employees to find any piece of data within their workplace. By utilizing advanced search engine technology, Glean enhances productivity and efficiency by ensuring easy access to critical information.


Cloudera delivers an Enterprise Data Cloud, enabling organizations to harness the power of data anywhere, from the Edge to AI. With their analytics and machine learning solutions, Cloudera empowers businesses to extract meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions.

Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight builds SaaS technology powered by AI and machine learning to understand what happens on and to the Earth. By analyzing geospatial data and computer vision, Orbital Insight provides valuable analytics and insights for a wide range of industries.

Unravel Data

Unravel Data develops a DataOps observability platform that maximizes the business value organizations can derive from their data. By ensuring data-driven organizations have visibility and control, Unravel Data enhances data operations and performance.


Tracxn is the largest data platform for startups, providing comprehensive analytics and insights. With a vast database of information on emerging companies, Tracxn enables investors and businesses to stay informed and make informed decisions.


Ascend.io offers a Data Automation Cloud that unifies data engineering and analytics engineering. By automating data pipelines and workflows, Ascend.io empowers organizations to accelerate their analytics and drive data-driven insights.


Liftoff is a mobile app marketing and retargeting platform that optimizes campaigns using post-install data. By leveraging big data and mobile advertising expertise, Liftoff helps businesses maximize user acquisition and drive revenue growth.


Infoworks.io enables digital transformation by automating and accelerating data and analytics projects at scale. With their platform, Infoworks.io simplifies data integration, enabling organizations to derive actionable insights quickly.


Matroid provides a user-friendly platform for creating and utilizing computer vision detectors without programming. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, Matroid simplifies computer vision applications and empowers businesses to extract valuable information from visual data.


ThroughPut offers supply chain data orchestration to help businesses grow their bottom line. By leveraging big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, ThroughPut optimizes industrial manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain management.


LiveAction provides IT network performance management, visualization, and analytics software. By analyzing big data from IT infrastructure, LiveAction helps organizations optimize network performance and ensure a seamless user experience.

Atlas AI

Atlas AI is an analytics platform that guides investment and resource allocation decisions in emerging markets. By leveraging big data, AI, and geospatial information, Atlas AI enables organizations to make data-driven decisions for sustainable growth.


MetaMind offers automatic image recognition powered by artificial intelligence. By utilizing big data and machine learning algorithms, MetaMind enables businesses to unlock insights from visual data and enhance various applications.


Entefy is an advanced AI and process automation company. By leveraging big data, machine learning, and natural language processing, Entefy enables organizations to automate processes, improve communication, and drive efficiency.

Arundo Analytics

Arundo Analytics provides cloud-based and edge-enabled software for deploying and managing analytics applications in industrial settings. By leveraging big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), Arundo Analytics optimizes industrial operations and unlocks actionable insights.


Palo Alto’s big data startups are leading the charge in leveraging data to drive innovation and business success. These companies are revolutionizing analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies to extract meaningful insights and unlock the potential of data-driven decision-making. With their cutting-edge solutions, Palo Alto’s big data startups are reshaping industries, transforming operations, and propelling us into a data-driven future.

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