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SureNet Technologies – Building the Future of Secured Networking


SureNet Technologies is a game-changer in the networking industry, disrupting the traditional TCP/IP and MPLS protocols with their innovative approach. Based in New York, United States, SureNet Technologies specializes in L2 NaaS (Layer 2 Network as a Service), providing secured networking solutions for small offices to global enterprises. With a strong focus on DDoS attack prevention, secured streaming, and optimized cloud computing, SureNet Technologies is revolutionizing the way businesses connect and protect their networks.

Secured Networking Redefined

SureNet Technologies goes beyond conventional networking solutions by offering secured global networks on L2, without relying on the TCP/IP protocol or MPLS. Their cutting-edge technology encompasses features such as UDP/ICMP tunneling, multichannel summation, loop protection, dynamic ring, and hot or cold redundancy modes. By eliminating the vulnerabilities associated with traditional protocols, SureNet Technologies ensures a secure and reliable network infrastructure for their clients.

Unmatched DDoS Attack Prevention

In today’s digital landscape, DDoS attacks pose a significant threat to businesses of all sizes. SureNet Technologies provides 100% DDoS attack prevention, safeguarding their clients’ networks against malicious traffic floods. By implementing robust security measures and leveraging their advanced network architecture, SureNet Technologies enables organizations to operate without the fear of disruptive cyber attacks. Their proactive approach to security sets them apart in the industry.

Optimized for Cloud Computing and Streaming

SureNet Technologies understands the importance of cloud computing and streaming in today’s interconnected world. Their network solutions are specifically designed to optimize these critical functions, ensuring smooth and secure data transmission. Whether it’s leveraging cloud services or delivering high-quality streaming content, SureNet Technologies empowers businesses to embrace the full potential of these technologies without compromising security or performance.

Seamless Global Deployment and Management

One of the standout features of SureNet Technologies is their ability to provide one-day global deployment. Their innovative MSTN (Monolithic Summation Tunneling Network) technology allows for rapid and efficient setup of logical connections, enabling businesses to establish secure and scalable networks in a fraction of the time. Additionally, real-time remote management capabilities ensure easy monitoring, configuration, and control of network traffic, providing organizations with full visibility and control over their network infrastructure.


SureNet Technologies is revolutionizing the networking landscape with their secured L2 NaaS solutions. By redefining the traditional TCP/IP and MPLS protocols, they are empowering global enterprises with next-generation network capabilities. From DDoS attack prevention to optimized cloud computing and streaming, SureNet Technologies offers a comprehensive suite of features to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. With their commitment to security, scalability, and efficiency, SureNet Technologies is paving the way for a more secure and connected future.

Website: http://www.surenetus.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/surenet-technologies

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