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Saving the World, One Watt at a Time: San Francisco’s 15 Energy Efficiency Startups

As the world faces the consequences of climate change, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions and optimize energy consumption. San Francisco, the hub of technology and innovation, is at the forefront of this movement with a thriving ecosystem of energy efficiency startups. In this article, we will showcase 15 of the most interesting startups in San Francisco that are leading the way in energy efficiency.

Redaptive: Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency with Energy-as-a-Service

Redaptive is an Energy-as-a-Service provider that funds and installs energy-saving and energy-generating equipment. They offer customized solutions for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. By using their proprietary data analytics and advanced technologies, Redaptive helps their clients save money and reduce their environmental impact.

EcoFlow Tech: Empowering Personal and Professional Use of Clean Energy

EcoFlow Tech designs, develops, and manufactures eco-friendly and affordable portable power stations for personal and professional use. Their products are powered by clean energy sources such as solar and wind, and they offer a range of solutions for outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preparedness, and remote work. EcoFlow’s mission is to democratize access to clean energy and empower people to live sustainably.

Dividend Finance: Supporting the Energy Transition with Innovative Financial Solutions

Dividend Finance is a technology-enabled finance platform that supports the energy transition with lending and other financial solutions. They offer a range of products such as solar loans, home improvement loans, and PACE financing that help homeowners and businesses to invest in energy-efficient solutions. Dividend Finance’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and create a more sustainable future.

Voltus: Delivering Cash-Generating Energy Products for Commercial and Industrial Customers

Voltus provides cash-generating energy products to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. Their solutions include demand response, energy storage, and distributed generation, which help their clients to reduce their energy bills and earn revenue from the energy market. Voltus uses cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize energy consumption and maximize savings.

Carbon Lighthouse: Delivering Easy Building Decarbonization for Commercial Real Estate Owners

Carbon Lighthouse delivers easy building decarbonization for commercial real estate owners. They offer a turnkey solution that includes energy audits, retrofitting, and ongoing monitoring to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency. Carbon Lighthouse’s approach is data-driven and technology-enabled, which enables them to achieve significant energy savings for their clients.

Fenix International: Empowering People Living Off-Grid with Ultra-Affordable Solar Solutions

Fenix International produces ultra-affordable mobile-enabled solar solutions to empower more than 1.3 billion people living off-grid. Their products include solar home systems, solar lanterns, and solar-powered phone chargers that enable people to access clean energy and improve their quality of life. Fenix International’s mission is to create a world where everyone has access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy.

PG&E Corporation: Investor-Owned Electric Utility Supporting Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

PG&E Corporation is an investor-owned electric utility that is headquartered in the Pacific Gas & Electric Building. They provide electricity and natural gas services to millions of customers in Northern and Central California. PG&E is committed to supporting energy efficiency and sustainability by investing in renewable energy, energy storage, and other innovative solutions.

Ecomedes: A SaaS Platform for Saving Time and Money in Sustainable Construction

Ecomedes is a SaaS platform that helps manufacturers, designers, builders, and building owners save time and money in sustainable construction. Their platform provides data and analytics on sustainable building products, which helps their clients to make informed decisions and achieve their sustainability goals. Ecomedes’ mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable built environment by providing easy access to reliable sustainability information.

Spruce Finance: Providing Consumer Financing for Renewable Energy and Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Spruce Finance provides consumer financing for residential solar systems, water conservation upgrades, and energy-efficient home improvements. Their mission is to make clean energy and energy efficiency accessible and affordable to everyone. They offer a range of financing options that help homeowners to reduce their energy bills and improve the value of their homes.

Project Frog: Developing Component Buildings for Energy-Efficient Construction

Project Frog develops component buildings that assemble easily onsite for architects and builders to create energy-efficient buildings. Their approach is modular and scalable, which enables them to deliver high-quality buildings at a lower cost and with a shorter construction time. Project Frog’s mission is to make sustainable building accessible and affordable to everyone.

Clean Power Finance: Connecting the Solar Industry with Financing Opportunities and Sales Software

Clean Power Finance offers an online B2B marketplace that connects the solar industry with financing opportunities and solar sales software. Their platform helps solar installers to find financing options for their customers and streamline their sales process. Clean Power Finance’s mission is to make solar energy accessible and affordable to everyone.

Sighten: Managing the Complexity of Distributed Solar with Software Toolset

Sighten develops a software toolset to manage the complexity of distributed solar. Their platform provides data analytics, project management, and financing solutions for solar installers and financiers. Sighten’s mission is to make solar energy more efficient and accessible by providing innovative software solutions.

Prelude Ventures: Investing in Market-Moving Startups Addressing Carbon Reduction and Resource Optimization

Prelude Ventures invests in market-moving startups addressing carbon reduction and resource optimization. Their portfolio includes companies in energy efficiency, energy management, and energy storage, among other areas. Prelude Ventures’ mission is to support the transition to a sustainable and resilient economy by investing in innovative startups.

GeoPredict: The Oil and Gas Real Estate Marketplace

GeoPredict is an e-commerce platform for the oil and gas real estate marketplace. Their platform provides data analytics and project management solutions for the oil and gas industry. GeoPredict’s mission is to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions in the oil and gas industry.

Envizi: Data and Analytics to Optimize Buildings and Business

Envizi provides data and analytics to optimize buildings and business. Their platform enables building owners and operators to monitor and manage their energy consumption and carbon emissions. Envizi’s mission is to create a more sustainable and resilient future by providing innovative software solutions.


San Francisco’s energy efficiency startups are leading the way in innovation for a sustainable future. These companies are using cutting-edge technologies and data analytics to optimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. By providing innovative solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, these startups are creating a more sustainable and resilient economy. As the demand for clean energy and energy efficiency continues to grow, these startups will play a critical role in shaping the future of the energy industry.

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