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Ramp – The Finance Automation Platform Saving Businesses Time and Money

Ramp is a finance automation platform that is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their finances. Founded in 2019 in New York City, Ramp is committed to helping businesses spend less time and money on finance-related tasks, from corporate cards and expense management to bill payments and accounting integrations. In this startup showcase, we will explore Ramp’s innovative finance solutions and how they are helping businesses save money and time.

Finance Automation for Businesses

Ramp offers a comprehensive finance automation platform that streamlines finance-related tasks for businesses. The platform offers corporate cards that are designed to help businesses save money on every purchase. With no hidden fees and industry-leading rewards programs, Ramp’s corporate cards offer businesses an average of 1.5% cashback on every purchase. In addition, Ramp offers real-time visibility and controls that help businesses manage their expenses more efficiently.

Ramp’s finance automation platform also includes an expense management solution that makes it easy for businesses to track and categorize their expenses. The solution offers automated expense categorization, receipt capture, and reimbursement workflows, saving businesses time and money. With Ramp’s expense management solution, businesses can close their books 86% faster, enabling them to focus on other important tasks.

Bill Payments and Accounting Integrations

Ramp also offers a bill payments solution that simplifies the process of paying bills for businesses. The solution offers automated bill payment workflows that help businesses save time and avoid late payment fees. With Ramp’s bill payments solution, businesses can easily manage their bills and payments in one place, reducing the need for manual data entry and paper checks.

Ramp’s finance automation platform also includes accounting integrations that make it easy for businesses to integrate Ramp with their existing accounting software. The integrations enable businesses to automate the transfer of financial data from Ramp to their accounting software, reducing the risk of errors and saving businesses time on manual data entry.


In conclusion, Ramp is a startup that is committed to helping businesses save time and money on finance-related tasks. Ramp’s finance automation platform offers comprehensive solutions for corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, and accounting integrations. With Ramp’s innovative solutions, businesses can save an average of 3.3% on their expenses and close their books 86% faster. If you are a business looking to streamline your finance-related tasks and save money, Ramp is the company to turn to.

Website: https://ramp.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tryramp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rampcard

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ramp

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