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Medsix Revolutionizes Wound Drain Monitoring with Predictive Sensors

Redefining Wound Care: Medsix's Automated Drain Output Monitoring System

In the world of healthcare, innovation is key to better patient outcomes. With the rise of digital technology, medical professionals have been able to provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments, but there is still room for improvement. Enter Medsix, a startup that aims to transform the way wounds are monitored after complex high-risk surgeries with its novel wound drainage monitoring sensors and predictive tools.

As a startup showcase, we are excited to share Medsix’s groundbreaking work in the field of wound care. Medsix is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and their focus is on developing a disposable sensor that can be attached to any wound drain, which will automate the monitoring process. With this technology, nurses and patients will no longer have to rely on manual monitoring methods that can be inaccurate and result in complications.

The Problem with Manual Wound Drain Output Monitoring

Patients who undergo complex high-risk surgeries are often managed with a wound drain to prevent complications. The current method of monitoring the drainage output is manual, which involves nurses or patients visually inspecting the drain’s color and volume. Unfortunately, this method is prone to errors, which can lead to complications such as infections, excessive bleeding, leaks, and blockages. When complications occur, patients require longer stays in the hospital, increasing their recovery time and readmission rates. To address this problem, Medsix is offering an automated monitoring solution.

The Solution – Medsix’s Automated Drain Output Monitoring System

Medsix’s automated monitoring system involves attaching a disposable sensor to the wound drain. This sensor then tracks the drain output’s color and volume in real-time, sending data to the cloud. The data is analyzed by predictive algorithms, which can detect early onset complications and predict when the drain can be removed. The system is easy to use, and the sensor is disposable, so there is no need to worry about cleaning and reusing it.

The Benefits of Medsix’s Automated Drain Output Monitoring System

Medsix’s automated monitoring system has several benefits for patients, providers, and payers. Patients benefit from early detection of complications, which can reduce their overall recovery time and prevent readmission to the hospital. Providers benefit from improved clinical workflow and decision-making, creating a standard for wound drain output that can be used across healthcare facilities. Payers benefit from reduced length of stay, reduced readmission rates, and increased reimbursements.


Medsix is revolutionizing wound care with its automated drain output monitoring system. Their technology has the potential to transform the way wounds are monitored after complex high-risk surgeries, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs. We are excited to see the impact that Medsix will have in the healthcare industry.

Medsix’s https://www.med-six.com/

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/med-six/

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