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Marcy Venture Partners – Investing in Consumer, Culture, and Positive Impact

Marcy Venture Partners (MVP) is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California, that invests in consumer, culture, and positive impact. Co-founded by Shawn Carter (JAY-Z), Jay Brown, and Larry Marcus, MVP is on a mission to build innovative businesses and mass-market brands that have a meaningful impact on society. With a passion for creating positive change, the firm invests in companies that emphasize sustainability, inclusivity, accessibility, empowerment, and health & wellness.

MVP’s Approach to Investing

At MVP, the focus is on identifying and supporting businesses that have clear vision, purpose, and executional excellence. The firm looks for companies that have demonstrated growth, a high level of customer joy driven by an outstanding product, and clear catalysts for the next level of scale. MVP also seeks out companies that have meaningful brand values that align with its focus on positive impact.

MVP’s portfolio companies benefit from more than just capital. The firm’s experienced team provides guidance and mentorship to help its portfolio companies grow and achieve their goals. MVP also leverages its network of industry experts and advisors to provide additional support and resources.

Investing in Consumer & Culture

MVP invests in consumer and culture, seeking out companies that have a strong connection with their customers and are able to leverage cultural trends to drive growth. This includes companies in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors, as well as those in the food and beverage industry. MVP also invests in companies that are driving positive change in the media and entertainment industries, including those focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Investing in Positive Impact

MVP’s focus on positive impact means investing in companies that are making a difference in the world. This includes companies that prioritize sustainability, such as those focused on renewable energy, waste reduction, and carbon footprint reduction. MVP also invests in companies that are committed to inclusivity and accessibility, such as those focused on improving healthcare access or creating products and services that are accessible to people with disabilities. The firm also seeks out companies that empower individuals and communities, such as those that focus on education or job training.

Recent Investments

MVP has made several notable investments in recent years, including:

Partake Foods – a Black-owned and female-led brand that makes allergen-free snacks

Perch Interactive – an interactive retail technology company that helps retailers create engaging in-store experiences

Ethos – a life insurance company that leverages technology to make life insurance accessible and affordable for everyone

These companies all share MVP’s focus on consumer, culture, and positive impact, and have demonstrated strong growth and a commitment to making a difference in the world.


Marcy Venture Partners is a unique venture capital firm that is making a difference in the world by investing in companies that prioritize positive impact. Led by a team of experienced investors and industry experts, MVP provides more than just capital to its portfolio companies, helping them grow and achieve their goals. With a focus on consumer, culture, and positive impact, MVP is helping to shape the future of business and create a better world for all.

Website: https://www.marcyvp.com/

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/marcyvp

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