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Intelligent Systems Startups in London – Revolutionizing Industries

The tech scene in London is booming, and the emergence of intelligent systems startups is a significant contributor to this growth. These startups are using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to create innovative solutions that are transforming various industries.

Here are some of the most interesting and promising intelligent systems startups in London.


Immense is a global decision-support platform for new mobility, including autonomous and electric vehicles, fleet management, and transportation. The platform uses real-time data, machine learning, and simulation to help businesses and governments make better decisions and plan for the future of mobility.

Migacore Technologies

Migacore Technologies is an early-stage data science startup that focuses on bringing predictive demand forecasting for airlines. The platform uses advanced analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning to provide airlines with accurate demand forecasts, enabling them to optimize their operations and reduce costs.


OilX provides a real-time oil supply-demand balance for the oil and gas industry. The platform uses artificial intelligence, big data, and business intelligence to provide insights that help traders, analysts, and other stakeholders make better decisions.

Circuit Mind

Circuit Mind is a startup that develops artificial intelligence solutions for the electronics industry. Their platform uses machine learning to automate the circuit design process, reducing costs and improving efficiency for businesses.

Bloc Ventures

Bloc Ventures is an early-stage Deep Tech investment company that focuses on investing in startups that are creating new technologies and solutions. They invest in a range of industries, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, financial services, and telecommunications.


Replan is a digital supply chain SaaS that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize supply chain management. Their platform provides businesses with insights into their supply chains, enabling them to make better decisions and improve efficiency.


Autone is a SaaS platform that optimizes inventory management for retail brands. The platform uses advanced analytics and machine learning to help brands manage their inventory, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Cognino AI

Cognino empowers contextual decisions with explainable AI. The platform transforms data at a cloud-scale into intelligence with speed and accuracy, providing businesses with insights that help them make better decisions. They serve a range of industries, including FinTech, healthcare, and predictive analytics.


Chainvine provides next-generation enterprise systems and identity access management solutions for businesses. Their platform uses blockchain technology, cybersecurity, and intelligent systems to provide secure and efficient solutions for businesses in a range of industries.

Accelerated Dynamics

Accelerated Dynamics builds AI for robot mission control and fleet management. Their platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize fleet management and improve efficiency for businesses.

Radius Analytics

Radius Analytics provides risk analytics workflow automation for businesses. Their platform uses advanced analytics, machine learning, and software to automate risk management workflows, enabling businesses to make better decisions and improve efficiency.


Sponsorlytix is an artificial intelligence and big data analytics company that provides solutions for the sports industry. The platform uses machine learning and predictive analytics to help sports teams and businesses make better decisions and improve efficiency.


RoEx is an AI-powered web platform and API that provides mixing services to musicians, producers, and content creators. The startup is using machine learning to provide advanced mixing algorithms that can take the raw audio tracks of a song and optimize their levels and EQ, making them sound better and more professional. Founded by David Ronan and Joshua Reiss, RoEx is based in London and has gained popularity among music enthusiasts and professionals. The platform allows users to upload their tracks and select the desired mix settings, which are then applied by the AI algorithm. The company has also developed an API that can be integrated with other software or platforms.


CoControl is a UK-based startup that provides the country’s first heating control and social metrics system. The system is tailored to social landlords, allowing them to manage and monitor the energy consumption of their properties remotely. The startup has developed an intelligent system that learns the heating patterns of residents and adjusts accordingly, helping to reduce energy waste and costs. Founded by James Byrne, CoControl has received funding from various sources, including Innovate UK, and has partnerships with some of the UK’s leading social housing providers.


techUK is a membership-based organization that offers information technology services to small and medium businesses. The organization represents the tech sector in the UK and helps its members to navigate the complex regulatory environment, access funding opportunities, and collaborate with other businesses. Founded in 2013, techUK has over 800 members and works closely with policymakers and regulators to ensure that the needs of the tech industry are represented. The organization is based in London and has a team of experts that provide a range of services, including policy development, market research, and networking events.


London is home to a thriving startup scene, and these 15 intelligent systems startups are some of the most exciting and innovative companies in the UK. From AI-powered music mixing to predictive demand forecasting for airlines, these companies are using intelligent systems to solve real-world problems and drive innovation in their respective industries.

As the UK continues to invest in AI and other advanced technologies, we can expect to see even more intelligent systems startups emerge in the coming years. For entrepreneurs and investors looking to get involved in this space, London is certainly a city worth watching.

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