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Innvocon Learning Solutions Private Limited

Solving India's employment problem, one fresh graduate at a time

Innvocon Learning Solutions Private Limited is a New Delhi-based startup that aims to revolutionize the way companies hire talent and how students upskill to get hired. Founded to address the challenges of bad hires, high attrition rates, increasing costs of hiring, and the lack of industry-relevant skills and low employability, Innvocon provides a platform for companies to hire pre-trained talent with maximum efficiency and a workplace for students to upskill & get hired.

Solving India’s employment problem, one fresh graduate at a time

Innvocon’s innovative approach has caught the attention of industry experts, as evidenced by its partnership with the Indian Institute of Information Technology Delhi and NSRCEL, the startup incubator at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. Innvocon offers a unique solution to the problem of hiring the right talent in a cost-effective and efficient way while providing a pathway for fresh graduates to acquire skills that are relevant to the job market.

How Innvocon works

Innvocon works with organizations to build reliable and pre-skilled teams with top talent curated, tailored, and trained specifically according to the hiring objectives of the companies. The platform offers a unique approach to recruitment, where talent is trained to develop new-age industry-relevant skills that are in high demand, thus, solving the problem of low employability rates among fresh graduates.

Innvocon’s impact on the employment industry

The impact of Innvocon’s platform is significant in the Indian job market. The platform’s mission is to make 100,000 freshers employable and help them land high-growth tech and non-tech-based careers by 2024. Innvocon’s approach has already yielded results, with a growing number of fresh graduates finding placements in high-demand industries such as IT, e-commerce, and data analytics.

Benefits of partnering with Innvocon

Innvocon offers a range of benefits to organizations that partner with them, including reduced recruitment costs, improved retention rates, and access to a pool of pre-trained talent. The platform’s partnership with academic institutions has also helped these institutions achieve better placement figures and high mean and median packages for freshers.


Innvocon is a startup that is making a significant impact on the Indian employment industry, providing a unique solution to the problems of bad hires and low employability rates. With a mission to make 100,000 freshers employable by 2024, Innvocon is on track to becoming a game-changer in the Indian job market.

Website: http://innvocon.co.in

Twitter: https://twitter.com/innvocon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/innvocon

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/innvocon-edtech-solutions/

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