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IENAI SPACE – Revolutionizing In-Space Mobility for Small Satellites

Pioneering Efficient Ionic-Liquid Electric Propulsion Systems


Welcome to the Startup Showcase featuring IENAI SPACE, an innovative company at the forefront of developing next-generation in-space mobility solutions for small satellites. Specializing in efficient ionic-liquid electric propulsion systems and mission analysis, IENAI SPACE is revolutionizing the capabilities of nano-satellites. Join us as we explore their groundbreaking technology and the impact it has on advancing space exploration.

Empowering Nano-Satellites with Efficient Propulsion Systems

IENAI SPACE is dedicated to developing cutting-edge propulsion systems customized for nano-satellites. Their efficient ionic-liquid electric propulsion modules are tailored to suit each specific platform and mission, ranging from 2U to 12U. These propulsion systems enable nano-satellites to achieve precise maneuvering, including RAAN-spacing, Earth-Moon transits, and de-orbiting. By providing advanced propulsion capabilities to small satellites, IENAI SPACE is unlocking new possibilities for space missions and exploration.

The Versatile Tailored Taylor Thruster

At the heart of IENAI SPACE’s propulsion systems lies the versatile Tailored Taylor Thruster. This innovative technology is highly scalable in specific impulse and thrust, allowing for efficient and controlled propulsion in the low-power range. The Tailored Taylor Thruster utilizes a novel iteration of electrospray thrusters, boasting high theoretical efficiencies for electric propulsion technologies. Its decreased form factor enables the technology to be implemented even in constrained volumes, reducing the need for excessive propellant onboard and maximizing efficiency.

Driving Innovation in the New Space Era

IENAI SPACE is spearheading innovation in the new era of space exploration. By pushing the boundaries of electric propulsion and mission analysis, the company is fueling advancements in the capabilities and potential of small satellites. Their breakthrough technology not only enables more precise and efficient maneuvering but also contributes to the sustainability of space missions by facilitating de-orbiting and reducing space debris. With their expertise and dedication, IENAI SPACE is propelling the industry forward and inspiring future space endeavors.


IENAI SPACE is revolutionizing the field of in-space mobility for small satellites. Through their efficient ionic-liquid electric propulsion systems and mission analysis, they are empowering nano-satellites to reach new heights in space exploration. With their Tailored Taylor Thruster technology, IENAI SPACE offers scalable and versatile propulsion solutions, maximizing efficiency while minimizing the need for excess propellant. As we enter a new era of space exploration, IENAI SPACE is driving innovation and paving the way for exciting advancements in the capabilities of small satellites.

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