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Go360 Revolutionizes Camera Systems with Synthetic AI Technology


Welcome to the TechBubble.news Startup Showcase, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups that are disrupting industries with cutting-edge technologies. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on Go360, a groundbreaking company based in Berkeley, California. Go360 is revolutionizing camera systems by harnessing the power of Synthetic AI technology. With their state-of-the-art cameras, they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, enhancing frame rates, resolution, and image inpainting capabilities like never before.

The Future of Camera Systems Unveiled

At Go360, they understand the critical role that cameras play in various industries, from surveillance to autonomous vehicles and beyond. That’s why they have developed Synthetic AI cameras that go above and beyond traditional camera capabilities. By leveraging Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and Edge Computing, Go360 has unlocked new levels of performance, quality, and flexibility in camera systems.

Boosting Performance with GANs and Edge Computing

Go360’s Synthetic AI cameras are equipped with GANs, a type of neural network architecture that excels at generating realistic images. These cameras can achieve higher frame rates and resolutions, providing unparalleled visual experiences. Moreover, they employ advanced image inpainting techniques to remove artifacts caused by challenging weather conditions, ensuring clear and accurate visuals in any environment. Additionally, Go360’s GANs can remove personally identifiable information from camera input streams, adding an extra layer of privacy and security. By deploying these GANs alongside the CMOS sensor in an ASIC or FPGA chip, the cameras can maintain real-time processing capabilities while safeguarding privacy.

Unleashing Synthetic Augmentation for Camera Synchronization

One of the remarkable features of Go360’s Synthetic AI cameras is their ability to time synchronize cameras with misaligned shutters. By synthetically generating frames between real frame captures from the CMOS sensor, Go360 enhances camera synchronization, providing seamless and accurate visual data. This synthetic augmentation opens up new possibilities for applications in fields like virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D reconstruction.


Go360 is at the forefront of the camera technology revolution, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with their Synthetic AI cameras. With boosted frame rates, superior resolution, and image inpainting capabilities, their cameras offer unprecedented visual performance. Whether it’s enhancing surveillance systems, empowering autonomous vehicles, or advancing virtual reality experiences, Go360’s innovative solutions are transforming industries and setting a new standard for camera systems.

Website: go360.io
Facebook: facebook.com/go360.io
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/19094336/admin

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