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GMetri Revolutionizes Business with XR Solutions

Unleashing the Power of Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality


Welcome to the Startup Showcase of GMetri, an innovative XR platform that is transforming the way businesses create, track, and deploy solutions for Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality. In this showcase, we will explore how GMetri is revolutionizing industries with its immersive technologies and empowering enterprises to deliver engaging and personalized experiences to their customers.

Transforming Retail Experiences with XR

In today’s digital age, creating memorable and personalized experiences for customers is crucial for businesses, especially in the retail sector. GMetri’s XR platform enables online retail firms to offer their customers a 360-degree view of personalized retail stores, tailored to their preferences based on historical data. By leveraging the power of AR and VR, GMetri enhances retention, recall, and engagement, providing an immersive and gamified environment that keeps customers coming back for more.

XR Solutions for Automotive and Real Estate

Beyond retail, GMetri extends its XR solutions to the automotive and real estate sectors. With its custom XR solution and XR content development services, GMetri empowers enterprises in these industries to create engaging and interactive experiences for their customers. Imagine being able to virtually explore a car’s interior and exterior or take a virtual tour of a property before making a purchase decision. GMetri’s XR platform makes these experiences possible, enhancing customer engagement and driving business growth.

The GMetri Advantage – No-Code XR Authoring and Analytics

At the core of GMetri’s platform is its no-code, cloud-based XR authoring tool. This powerful tool allows enterprises to easily create, publish, and track virtual reality experiences without requiring extensive technical expertise. With the ability to run content on all devices, GMetri ensures seamless accessibility across different platforms, expanding the reach of immersive experiences to a wider audience.

GMetri’s analytics toolkit complements its authoring tool by providing deep insights into user behavior and engagement within the immersive experiences. By observing end-users’ movements and actions, businesses can gather valuable data to enhance their offerings and make informed decisions for future XR deployments. The analytics toolkit empowers enterprises with the knowledge to optimize their XR experiences and drive greater customer satisfaction.


GMetri’s XR platform is reshaping industries by unlocking the full potential of Virtual, Mixed, and Augmented Reality. With its no-code XR authoring tool, businesses can effortlessly create immersive experiences that captivate their audience. Whether it’s transforming retail experiences, revolutionizing automotive showcases, or enhancing real estate tours, GMetri’s XR solutions offer a powerful way for businesses to engage customers and drive growth.

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