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Electrifying Innovation – Exploring Electric Vehicle Startups in Bangalore


As the world embraces the need for cleaner and greener modes of transportation, Bangalore, Karnataka, emerges as a hotbed of innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. With a plethora of dynamic startups driving the transition towards sustainable mobility, the city is at the forefront of revolutionizing urban transportation. In this article, we explore fifteen captivating electric vehicle startups based in Bangalore that are pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and redefining the future of transportation.

Ather Energy

Ather Energy operates as a manufacturer of electric scooters. Committed to revolutionizing last-mile transportation, they offer smart and eco-friendly scooters that blend cutting-edge technology, performance, and style.


Yulu is an electric bike rental app aiming to tackle traffic congestion and air pollution in urban India. By providing convenient and sustainable mobility solutions, Yulu empowers individuals to make environmentally conscious choices while navigating city streets.

Ultraviolette Automotive

Ultraviolette Automotive is dedicated to developing electric two-wheeler vehicles that offer clean energy and sustainable transportation options. With a focus on performance and efficiency, they are transforming the way people commute and embrace electric mobility.

Entuple E-Mobility

Entuple E-Mobility specializes in the design, development, testing, and system validations for electric motors. With their expertise in automotive engineering, they contribute to the growth and advancement of electric vehicles in Bangalore.

Simple Energy

Simple Energy is a prominent player in the manufacturing of smart electric scooters. Their innovative approach to designing and producing electric scooters aims to provide reliable and efficient transportation options for urban commuters.

Three Wheels United

Three Wheels United is a tech-enabled financier of light electric vehicles. By providing financing options for electric vehicles, they are instrumental in enabling the adoption of clean and sustainable transportation solutions.


Vidyut offers end-to-end solutions for the purchase, financing, and resale of electric vehicles. Their superior economics and comprehensive services contribute to the widespread adoption of electric mobility in Bangalore.

Oben Electric

Oben Electric is a forward-thinking electric two-wheeler manufacturing company. With a strong focus on in-house design, research and development, and manufacturing, Oben Electric is committed to creating sustainable and technologically advanced electric vehicles.


Bolt.Earth provides charging products and end-to-end solutions for electric vehicles. Their comprehensive approach to charging infrastructure helps accelerate the growth and accessibility of electric mobility in Bangalore.

Cell Propulsion

Cell Propulsion specializes in fleet electrification and develops solutions for large-scale electrification of commercial vehicle fleets. By focusing on commercial transportation, they contribute to significant emissions reductions and promote sustainable mobility solutions.

Urban Sphere

Urban Sphere is a commercial electric vehicle manufacturer with strong connections to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Their collaboration with established players in the automotive industry allows them to produce electric vehicles that meet industry standards and cater to commercial transportation needs.

Coulomb AI

Coulomb AI offers predictive battery analytics software for electric vehicles. By harnessing the power of analytics and artificial intelligence, Coulomb AI optimizes battery performance, enhances range, and ensures the efficient operation of electric vehicles.


Tilt provides shared bicycles and e-bikes for Indian campuses. Their focus on e-commerce, electric vehicles, last-mile transportation, and ride sharing makes them a key player in promoting sustainable mobility solutions.

Flo Mobility

Flo Mobility builds autonomous technology for electric two-wheelers. Their innovative solutions contribute to the development of autonomous vehicles and the advancement of electric mobility in Bangalore.


Ecogears provides sustainable solutions for electric vehicle charging in India and abroad with state-of-the-art EV chargers. Their commitment to creating a robust charging infrastructure supports the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.


The electric vehicle startup scene in Bangalore, Karnataka, is a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, driven by the mission to revolutionize transportation and combat climate change. These fifteen companies are at the forefront of this transformation, pioneering electric mobility solutions and reshaping the future of transportation in the city and beyond. With their vision, dedication, and technological advancements, they are paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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