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Driving the Future – Exploring Bangalore’s Autonomous Vehicles Startups


Bangalore, Karnataka, is emerging as a hotbed for autonomous vehicles innovation, revolutionizing the transportation industry. This article showcases fifteen remarkable startups based in Bangalore that are leading the way in autonomous vehicles technology. From self-driving cars to electric scooters, these companies are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics to create cutting-edge solutions that will shape the future of transportation.


Playment is a fully managed data labeling platform that generates training data for computer vision models at scale. Their expertise in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and machine learning allows them to provide high-quality data labeling services, fueling the development of advanced autonomous driving systems.


SWYTCHD offers subscription-based electric vehicle rental services, contributing to the adoption of autonomous vehicles in urban India. By providing convenient and sustainable mobility solutions, SWYTCHD is reshaping the way people commute and reducing their carbon footprint.

Minus Zero

Minus Zero is at the forefront of building fully self-driving cars in India. Their expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning enables them to develop intelligent systems that enhance road safety and efficiency.


Bumper is a trusted car companion app that offers car repair and service solutions. By leveraging autonomous vehicles technology, Bumper simplifies the car maintenance process, ensuring hassle-free experiences for vehicle owners.

Flo Mobility

Flo Mobility specializes in developing autonomous technology for electric two-wheelers. Their innovative solutions contribute to the growth of electric mobility by enhancing the safety and efficiency of electric scooters.


WheelStreet provides comprehensive solutions for rental shops, enabling them to streamline operations, accept online payments, and manage their fleet efficiently. Their autonomous vehicles expertise enhances the last-mile transportation ecosystem.


Durchbruch focuses on electric vehicle manufacturing and storage systems. With their autonomous vehicles technology, they are driving the adoption of electric mobility and contributing to a sustainable future.

Flux Auto

Flux Auto develops modular autonomous driving technology for trucks. Their innovative approach enhances road safety and efficiency in the logistics industry.

Anscer Robotics

Anscer Robotics specializes in AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) solutions. By combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics, they offer cutting-edge autonomous systems for various industries, including warehousing and logistics.

Central Parking Services

Central Parking Services is a parking management company leveraging autonomous vehicles technology to enhance parking operations, improve user experience, and optimize space utilization.

Giscle Systems

Giscle Systems focuses on developing self-driving technology specifically designed and trained for Indian roads. Their expertise in autonomous vehicles plays a crucial role in shaping the future of transportation in India.


Kaaenaat provides toolkits for accelerating the deployment of autonomous robots across industries. Their solutions contribute to the automation and optimization of various processes, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


RydeAssist specializes in connected car technology and solutions. Their innovative HUD (Heads-Up Display) system, RYDO, enhances the driving experience and safety of autonomous vehicles.

Khivraj Motors

Khivraj Motors is a leading automotive manufacturing company that embraces autonomous vehicles technology to offer a diverse range of vehicles. Their commitment to innovation and excellence contributes to the growth of the autonomous vehicles industry.


DocEV is India’s largest chain of EV service and leasing platforms, focusing on electric vehicles’ maintenance, charging, and leasing services. Their expertise in autonomous vehicles and clean energy promotes the widespread adoption of electric mobility in India.


Bangalore’s Autonomous Vehicles startups are driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of transportation technology. These companies are at the forefront of shaping a future where autonomous vehicles become an integral part of our daily lives, providing sustainable and efficient mobility solutions. With their expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics, and clean energy, they are propelling Bangalore and India toward a transformative era of autonomous transportation.

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