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Driving the Future – Exploring Austin’s Revolutionary Autonomous Vehicle Startups


As the world embraces the transformative potential of autonomous vehicles, Austin, Texas, has emerged as a hotbed of innovation, with a vibrant ecosystem of startups driving the future of mobility. These visionary companies in Austin are harnessing cutting-edge technologies to develop electric and self-driving vehicles, radar systems, simulation software, and more. In this article, we delve into 15 fascinating autonomous vehicle startups based in Austin, highlighting their groundbreaking solutions, visionary founders, and the industries they are revolutionizing.

Tesla – Pioneering Electric Vehicles and Autonomy

Tesla Motors specializes in developing a full range of electric vehicles. With a strong focus on autonomous driving technology, Tesla’s vehicles push the boundaries of self-driving capabilities, making them a pioneer in the industry. Founded by Elon Musk, JB Straubel, and Marc Tarpenning, Tesla continues to disrupt the automotive industry with its innovative approach.

Scout Ventures – Investing in Frontier Technologies

Scout Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that plays a vital role in shaping the future of autonomous transportation. With a mission to make the world a better and safer place, they invest in frontier technologies, including autonomous vehicles, cyber security, drones, internet of things, quantum computing, robotics, and virtual reality. By supporting startups in these areas, Scout Ventures drives innovation and fosters technological advancements.

Volcon – Powering Off-Road Adventures with Electric Vehicles

Volcon is revolutionizing the off-road power sports industry with their electric vehicles. Their commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly transportation has resulted in electric off-road vehicles that offer thrilling adventures while minimizing environmental impact. By combining the thrill of off-roading with electric power, Volcon is driving the future of outdoor recreation.

Uhnder – Advancing Automotive Radar Systems

Uhnder is at the forefront of developing digital automotive radar-on-chip technology. Their innovative radar systems automate safety features and enhance feedback response in vehicles, enabling safer and more efficient transportation. With a focus on applications such as apps, automotive, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, and semiconductor, Uhnder is pushing the boundaries of radar technology.

Third Insight – Bringing Autonomous Systems to Life

Third Insight develops software that brings autonomous systems to life. Their expertise in artificial intelligence, computer vision, drones, and machine learning enables them to create advanced software solutions for autonomous vehicles. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Third Insight is accelerating the adoption of autonomous systems across industries.

Viviota – Accelerating Engineering Analysis and Innovation

Viviota provides powerful data management software that accelerates engineering analysis and innovation. Their software is designed to handle vast amounts of data generated by autonomous vehicles, aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor industries. By optimizing data processing and analysis, Viviota empowers engineers to make data-driven decisions and drive innovation in their respective fields.

Applied Aeronautics – Affordable Drones for Government and Commercial Use

Applied Aeronautics specializes in building affordable, long-range drones for government, emergency response, and commercial customers worldwide. Their drones have applications in various industries, including aerospace, autonomous vehicles, and drones themselves. By making drone technology more accessible, Applied Aeronautics is driving advancements in aerial surveillance, mapping, and data collection.

Stealth Power – Building Cleantech Systems for Autonomous Vehicles

Stealth Power designs and builds idle mitigation and mobile cleantech systems for autonomous vehicles. Their solutions minimize fuel consumption and emissions by providing power to onboard systems without the need for idling. With a focus on automotive, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries, Stealth Power is enabling greener and more sustainable transportation.

MonoDrive – Simulation Software for Autonomous Vehicle Development

MonoDrive specializes in creating simulation software for advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicle development. Their software allows developers to test and refine autonomous driving algorithms in virtual environments, reducing the need for expensive and time-consuming real-world testing. By accelerating the development process, MonoDrive is driving innovation in autonomous vehicle technology.

eve Vehicles – Electric Vehicles for Public Safety and Enterprise Drone Markets

eve Vehicles develops electric vehicles for the public safety and enterprise drone markets. Their products cater to the specific needs of these industries, providing reliable and efficient transportation solutions. With a focus on autonomous vehicles, drones, electronics, and robotics, eve Vehicles is revolutionizing the way public safety agencies and enterprises operate.

Central Texas Valet – Professional Valet Parking Services

Central Texas Valet offers professional valet parking services for restaurants and hospitals. With a focus on autonomous vehicles, parking, and professional services, they provide convenient and efficient parking solutions. By leveraging autonomous vehicle technology, Central Texas Valet is enhancing the parking experience and streamlining operations for their clients.

Electric Cab North America – Turnkey Microtransit Platform

Electric Cab is America’s premier turnkey microtransit platform, providing an efficient and sustainable transportation solution. With a focus on advertising, autonomous vehicles, data visualization, and last-mile transportation, Electric Cab North America is revolutionizing urban mobility by offering convenient and environmentally friendly transportation options.

Design-Science – Improving Industrial Systems through Design

Design-Science focuses on improving industrial systems through innovative design solutions. With expertise in autonomous vehicles, enterprise applications, logistics, manufacturing, robotics, and supply chain management, they optimize various processes. By enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in industrial systems, Design-Science drives productivity and innovation.

Jeep Masters – Automotive Firm Specializing in Jeep Services

Jeep Masters is an automotive firm that specializes in jeep repair, restoration, and customization services. With a focus on automotive, autonomous vehicles, facility management, and sales, they cater to Jeep enthusiasts, providing exceptional services and expertise in the field.

Pop All Lock – Safe Cracking and Security Services

Pop All Lock offers a range of security services, including safe cracking, lock change, and mortise lock services for homes and cars. With a focus on autonomous vehicles, residential, and security industries, Pop All Lock ensures the safety and security of their clients’ valuable assets.


Austin, Texas, is a thriving hub of autonomous vehicle startups, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of transportation technology. These 15 companies are at the forefront of this revolution, revolutionizing industries such as automotive, aerospace, software development, and more. Through their visionary leadership and groundbreaking solutions, they are reshaping the future of mobility and paving the way for a safer, greener, and more efficient transportation ecosystem.

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