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Calling Team_Zero – The First Zero Emission Copper Mine

Mining is a crucial industry that powers many aspects of our daily lives. However, it is also one of the most environmentally damaging industries. Mining is responsible for a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, water pollution, and habitat destruction. Calling Team_Zero is a startup that is looking to change this by designing and developing the first zero-emission mining technologies for copper mining. In this startup showcase, we will delve into the innovative technology and mission of Calling Team_Zero.

The Vision of Calling Team_Zero

The mission of Calling Team_Zero is to develop zero-emission mining technologies that will make zero-emission mines economically viable. This startup is focused on developing nine different application themes, from mining to finance, in order to bring quantifiable zero emissions to the copper mining world. The goal is to not only create one zero-emission copper mine but to create a new culture of mining that is sustainable and ethical. This is a unique and ambitious goal that will have significant benefits for the environment and the mining industry.

The Technology of Team_Zero

Calling Team_Zero is a technology company as much as it is a mining company. The startup is working on developing innovative technologies that will allow for zero-emission mining. Some of the technologies they are developing include:

Zero Emission Electricity -Developing technology that will allow for electricity to be produced without generating greenhouse gas emissions. This will include the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

Zero Emission Vehicles – Creating vehicles that can operate in the mine without generating greenhouse gas emissions. This will involve the use of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles.

Zero Emission Processes – Developing processes for mining, processing, and transporting copper that do not generate greenhouse gas emissions. This will involve using innovative technologies such as direct reduction and hydrometallurgy.

The Impact of Team_Zero

The impact of Calling Team_Zero will be significant. Copper is a critical material that is used in many products, including renewable energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. However, copper mining is one of the most polluting industries in the world. By creating a zero-emission copper mine, Calling Team_Zero will not only reduce the environmental impact of copper mining but also create a new standard for sustainable and ethical mining.

The Founder of Team_Zero

Shirley Hayes is the founder of Calling Team_Zero. She is also the founder of SHiP Copper, a copper exploration company that has been exploring and developing a cluster mining model in the Northern Cape of South Africa. With 10 years of experience in exploration, drilling, geophysics, and modeling, SHiP Copper has identified 13 copper ore bodies in the cluster model and is starting the Rietberg Mine in Q4 2021, the first of many.

Hayes has a strong vision of building the next copper giant in Africa while playing a leading role in creating a care economy. She wants to shift away from unsustainability, cruelty, and exploitation towards humans, animals, and nature. Hayes is striving to change the legacy of mining by developing a new mining culture that is ethical, sustainable, and beneficial to the environment and society.


Calling Team_Zero is an innovative startup that is developing the first zero-emission copper mine. With its ambitious mission, innovative technology, and ethical vision, this startup has the potential to revolutionize the mining industry. By creating a new culture of sustainable and ethical mining, Calling Team_Zero is not only helping the environment but also creating a better future for the mining industry.

Website: http://www.callingteamzero.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/callingteamzero

LinkedIn: https://za.linkedin.com/in/team-zero-061a18208

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