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Bimmatch – Revolutionizing Construction Product Matching


Startup Showcase: Bimmatch is revolutionizing the construction industry with its innovative SaaS application based on Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology and AI capabilities. Headquartered in Ra’anana, HaMerkaz, Israel, Bimmatch provides a cutting-edge platform that matches construction products to architectural plans, streamlining the design process and generating accurate Bills of Quantities (BOQ) efficiently. By leveraging AI optimization and real product data, Bimmatch enables engineers and building developers to optimize their construction projects for cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Transforming Construction Design with BIM and AI

Bimmatch harnesses the power of BIM methodology, which is revolutionizing the construction industry by creating digital representations of buildings and their components. With Bimmatch, architects and engineers can seamlessly integrate the selection of construction products into their design process. By utilizing BIM models, the platform offers a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the project, facilitating efficient collaboration and reducing errors and inefficiencies during construction.

Automatic Matching of Building Products

One of the key features of Bimmatch is its ability to automatically match building products to architectural plans. Using AI capabilities, the platform analyzes the design specifications and identifies the most suitable construction products based on parameters such as dimensions, materials, and performance requirements. This automated matching process saves valuable time and ensures that the chosen products align with the project’s objectives, optimizing both cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Efficient BOQ Generation

Bimmatch goes beyond product matching and offers a quick and smart Bill of Quantities (BOQ) generation. The platform leverages its extensive database of construction products and integrates real product data into the BOQ, providing accurate quantities and specifications. This streamlined process eliminates manual calculations and reduces human errors, enabling engineers and building developers to create detailed and precise BOQs effortlessly. The generated BOQ serves as a valuable resource for cost estimation, procurement, and project management.

Advancing Construction Design Flow with Real Product Data

Bimmatch not only benefits architects and engineers but also provides significant advantages for construction product manufacturers and suppliers. By integrating real product data into the platform, Bimmatch enables manufacturers to showcase their products directly to the design community during the early stages of the project. This exposure enhances sales opportunities and increases the visibility of construction products, fostering better collaboration between manufacturers, architects, and engineers.

Driving Cost-Effectiveness and Sustainability

With its AI optimization capabilities, Bimmatch contributes to the cost-effectiveness and sustainability of construction projects. By matching the most suitable products to the architectural plans, the platform helps engineers and building developers identify cost-efficient alternatives without compromising quality. Moreover, the use of BIM methodology allows for better evaluation of the project’s environmental impact, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions that promote sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.


Bimmatch is revolutionizing construction design with its innovative SaaS application that combines BIM methodology and AI capabilities. By automating the matching of construction products to architectural plans and generating smart Bills of Quantities, Bimmatch streamlines the design process and enhances collaboration between stakeholders. The platform’s utilization of real product data improves sales opportunities for construction product manufacturers while promoting cost-effectiveness and sustainability in construction projects. Embrace the future of construction design with Bimmatch and unlock the potential for efficient, accurate, and sustainable building projects.

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