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B2B Stack – The Leading Marketplace for B2B Software in Latam

B2B Stack is a Brazilian startup that aims to revolutionize the B2B software market in Latin America by providing a comprehensive marketplace for software buying and selling. Since its inception in 2019, the company has quickly become the leading platform in Latin America for companies looking to buy or sell B2B software products and services. In this startup showcase, we will dive into the features that make B2B Stack unique, and how it is transforming the way businesses operate in the region.

An All-in-One Marketplace for B2B Software

B2B Stack is a comprehensive marketplace that provides a platform for buyers and sellers to connect and conduct business. The platform features a vast database of B2B software products and services, with detailed information on each product, such as features, pricing, and user reviews. Users can easily search for products based on their needs, budget, and business size, making the buying process much more manageable.

Additionally, B2B Stack offers comparison features that allow users to compare similar products side by side, making it easier to choose the right product for their business needs. Users can also leave reviews on the products they have used, providing valuable feedback to the sellers and helping other buyers make informed decisions.

Streamlining the Buying and Selling Process

B2B Stack also streamlines the buying and selling process by providing an end-to-end digital workflow. The platform helps buyers manage their purchasing process from start to finish, from discovery to the final purchase. The platform allows vendors to create profiles, list their products and services, and capture quality traffic, intent data, and demand generation. Sellers can also manage their product listings, update pricing, and respond to customer inquiries.

With B2B Stack, businesses can simplify their procurement process, reduce transaction costs, and increase transparency in vendor selection. The platform eliminates the need for a long procurement cycle, which can be frustrating and time-consuming for businesses.

Revolutionizing B2B E-Commerce in Latam

B2B Stack is not just another marketplace; it is transforming the way businesses operate in Latin America. It is a game-changer for companies looking to purchase B2B software and services. B2B Stack is bringing the B2B software buying experience towards the e-commerce era, offering a seamless digital workflow to buyers and sellers in the region.

The startup has disrupted the traditional procurement process, which was time-consuming and required substantial financial resources, and has made it more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. B2B Stack has also created a level playing field for vendors of all sizes, providing them with equal opportunities to reach customers and grow their businesses.


B2B Stack is a disruptive startup that is revolutionizing the way businesses purchase B2B software and services in Latin America. Its comprehensive marketplace provides a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers, making the purchasing process more manageable and transparent. B2B Stack’s unique features, such as a vast database of products, comparison tools, and end-to-end digital workflows, are transforming the procurement process for businesses of all sizes in the region.

If you’re in the market for B2B software in Latin America, we recommend checking out B2B Stack to discover and compare products easily. For vendors looking to expand their customer base, B2B Stack provides an excellent opportunity to reach new customers and grow their business.

Website: https://www.b2bstack.com.br

Twitter: https://twitter.com/b2bstack

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/B2BStack/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/b2bstack/

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