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Austin’s Innovation Powerhouses – Unleashing the Potential of Innovation Management Startups


Austin, Texas, renowned for its vibrant tech ecosystem, is home to a multitude of innovation management startups that are redefining industries and driving technological advancements. These forward-thinking companies are revolutionizing how organizations approach innovation, from product development to market strategies. Join us as we delve into the realm of Austin’s most intriguing and influential innovation management startups, each making a significant impact on the city’s tech landscape.

MTPV – Harnessing the Power of Clean Energy Through Micron-gap ThermalPhotoVoltaics

MTPV Power Corporation is at the forefront of clean energy innovation, focusing on advancements in Micron-gap ThermalPhotoVoltaics technology. By leveraging the potential of this cutting-edge technology, MTPV aims to revolutionize renewable energy solutions and pave the way for a sustainable future.

Productable – Empowering Organizations to Innovate Successfully

Productable offers an innovation management platform that equips organizations with the necessary tools for successful innovation. By providing a comprehensive suite of resources and frameworks, Productable enables businesses to streamline their innovation processes, foster collaboration, and drive impactful outcomes.

International Biomedical – Transforming Healthcare Solutions for Evolving Needs

International BiomedicalĀ® is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and their patients. With a focus on biotechnology and innovation management, the company drives advancements in healthcare by developing cutting-edge products and services.

Geyser System – Engineering Design and Patented Technology for Innovative Products

Geyser System combines engineered design with patented technology to deliver innovative products. By leveraging their expertise in innovation management and product design, Geyser System pushes boundaries and creates game-changing solutions across various industries, including sports and beyond.

Oracle for Startups – Connecting Entrepreneurs with Enterprise Expertise

Oracle for Startups is an initiative that connects global entrepreneurs with cloud resources and enterprise expertise to drive innovation. By offering access to Oracle’s vast ecosystem and resources, this program empowers startups to accelerate their growth and scale their innovative solutions.

LeanStack Inc – Driving Customer-Centric Innovation with a Lean Approach

LeanStack Inc emphasizes the importance of customer-centric innovation and the Lean methodology. With their innovation management expertise, the company helps businesses build products and services that customers truly want, avoiding the common pitfalls of building something nobody needs.

dMASS, Inc. – Connecting Technology Scouts to Transformative Innovation

dMASS is a social venture based in Austin, Texas, that utilizes AI-driven platforms to connect technology scouts with transformative innovation. By leveraging artificial intelligence, dMASS facilitates collaboration and accelerates the development of sustainable and socially impactful solutions.

Emerald Labs – Custom Software Development for High-Growth Startups

Emerald Labs specializes in custom software development for high-growth startups based in the USA. With their expertise in information technology and innovation management, Emerald Labs helps startups build minimum viable products (MVPs) to drive their growth and success.

Expert Knowledge Networks – Fostering Collaboration within Innovation Ecosystems

Expert Knowledge Networks offers the first comprehensive SaaS solution focused on connecting and engaging participants within innovation ecosystems. By providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, Expert Knowledge Networks drives synergy and accelerates innovation across industries.

Ebco – Market Research and Innovation Services for Business Growth

Ebco provides a spectrum of professional services, including market research, trend forecasting, and innovation strategies. With their expertise in innovation management, Ebco equips businesses with the knowledge and insights needed to drive growth and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Rocket Digital Health – Scaling Digital Health Startups into Companies

Rocket Digital Health specializes in business development and innovation management for digital health startups. By leveraging their expertise, Rocket Digital Health helps these startups scale their operations, navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry, and transform into successful digital health companies.

AeonClad – Advanced Coating Technology for Controlled Interactions

AeonClad was founded with the mission to develop an advanced coating technology platform that addresses the need for controlled interactions. With a focus on innovation management, AeonClad aims to redefine industries by providing solutions that enhance performance, durability, and efficiency.

Marginal Unit – Innovative Analytics Solutions for the Power Market

Marginal Unit develops and operates innovative analytics solutions for the power market. Through their expertise in analytics and innovation management, Marginal Unit empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, optimize operations, and drive efficiency in the power sector.

Upstream Thinking – Solving Complex Challenges through Innovation

Upstream Thinking is an innovation company dedicated to solving complex health, education, and community challenges. By leveraging their expertise in innovation management, Upstream Thinking develops impactful solutions that improve the well-being and quality of life for individuals and communities.

Interactives Executive Excellence – Enabling Excellence through Performance Analytics

Interactives Executive Excellence is a management consultancy that focuses on executive coaching, franchise-building, and performance analytics. With their expertise in innovation management and training, Interactives Executive Excellence helps businesses optimize their performance and achieve sustainable growth.


Austin, Texas, serves as a hotbed for innovation management startups, where groundbreaking ideas become reality and transformative solutions emerge. From clean energy to healthcare, market research to analytics, these companies are revolutionizing industries and driving the technological advancements that shape our future. As Austin continues to foster a thriving tech ecosystem, these innovation powerhouses are propelling the city’s reputation as a global hub for innovation and cementing its position at the forefront of the technology revolution.

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