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Atarraya Inc – Revolutionizing Sustainable Shrimp Farming


Welcome to the startup showcase of Atarraya Inc, a groundbreaking FoodTech company based in Mexico City. Atarraya leverages the power of biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and automation to transform shrimp farming into the most sustainable, accessible, and nutritious animal protein source for the world. Join us as we dive into the innovative solutions offered by Atarraya and its commitment to revolutionizing the shrimp farming industry.

Sustainable Shrimp Farming – A Global Challenge

In a world where sustainable food production is becoming increasingly crucial, Atarraya is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for the shrimp farming industry. Traditional shrimp farming practices often lead to environmental degradation, high production costs, and limited access to fresh and sustainable shrimp. Atarraya addresses these challenges by combining biotechnology, AI, and automation to create a more sustainable and efficient approach to shrimp farming.

The Shrimpbox Revolution – Biotechnology and Automation

At the heart of Atarraya’s revolution is the Shrimpbox, a proprietary biotechnology system developed to optimize every aspect of shrimp farming. Through extensive biotech R&D, Atarraya has harnessed the power of genetic engineering and selective breeding to enhance shrimp productivity, improve disease resistance, and reduce the environmental impact of farming practices. The Shrimpbox utilizes automation and smart sensors to monitor and optimize water quality, feed distribution, and other crucial factors, ensuring optimal conditions for shrimp growth.

Sustainability and Accessibility – Fresh Shrimp for All

Atarraya’s mission extends beyond sustainability; it aims to make fresh and sustainable shrimp accessible to people worldwide. By employing innovative technologies and local production methods, Atarraya can bring shrimp farming closer to consumer markets. With its current operation consisting of two farms and one hatchery in Mexico, Atarraya runs a continuous harvest cycle, allowing for the production of fresh, sustainable shrimp every week. Through its brand Agua Blanca, Atarraya distributes its high-quality shrimp in Mexico and the United States.


Atarraya Inc is revolutionizing the shrimp farming industry with its integrated approach to sustainable food production. By leveraging biotechnology, AI, and automation, Atarraya is transforming shrimp farming into a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and accessible process. With the Shrimpbox and a commitment to delivering fresh and sustainable shrimp worldwide, Atarraya is driving positive change in the way we produce and consume animal protein.

Website: https://atarraya.ai/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/atarraya-inc

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